Still crashing on PS4

Hey so I’m still freezing than crashing with the same error code as before. I thought this was fixed??


Yup staring to happen a lot more now



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Just happened to me on my third game I literally spawned in, managed to get a few leaps off and then frozen🙄 I’ve submitted the video to bug reports, but I don’t see any of the previous reports getting feedback to say they’re aware of it and are trying to fix this.


Just done it to me. If the game is crashing more often it could be because they’re trying to fix it. It’s 23:30 here so shouldn’t be much traffic

Same I uploaded as well

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I have found to turn off cross play. The hackers from pc is the problem.

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Don’t you hate it when your about to finish off a FT and bam ICE TO MEET YOU. MR. Freeze

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I have noticed that a lot of my crashes happen when im on city hunter

Yeah, it’s a much more enjoyable gaming experience when it’s all PS4 players. The matchmaking is quicker too👍🏼

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Happened to me today every match I played

Illfonic doesn’t give a flying fuck about the players. They’re just circle jerking each other in their office rather than working on shit that should’ve been fixed

I have cross play off and the game still freezes on me. It’s getting annoying .

All of those crash logs the PS4 generates? Those get sent to us. If someone has notes that are accurate (like if someone types: I was predkouring on a tree, leap slammed, then a second later it froze), we can correlate user complaints of specific situations on our forums or social to specific crash logs people have left, and narrow down issues a LOT more closely (and/or discover trends in our searches as well). That said, reviewing the crash logs have been a top priority for the team.