Still have frames drop and audio bug is way more consistent now

So, it’s been more than 4 months now since I started getting this issue, we’ve had a couple of updates, a couple of “hotfixes”, but the frames still drop. This happened on my PS4 Pro, but I have friends with different type/version of PS consoles and they also get the same issue. I’ve also heard of people from different locations getting the same issue as well.

Also, after this last update, the audio bug has become way more frequent. This is very annoying, it does not allow you to play accordingly.

As you perfectly know, Wolf’s mask turns black once you start playing. In this video I selected the platinum one, the intro animation seems to recognize it, but once the match starts, it turns black. On top of that, the armor colors still get mixed when changing them.

I have respectully mentioned the frames drop issue (which is the one I hate the most) several times on this section of the forum, and I find concerning that 4 months later, you still haven’t fixed it. The game didn’t have that problem before. Many people have asked you to fix several bugs in a proper manner, but we still have no resolution. It’s getting… no, it’s already ridiculous, specially because it’s not just 3 people getting the problem.

@Kassinaillia @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic please do something.


Just git gud and turn off your 3D audio.

On a serious note, I doubt there will be a fix for these if they haven’t gotten these fixed by now. From what I remember Kass told me they were unable to find a way to replicate the bug and being that the general consensus among players is “there’s an audio bug? Never happened to me. Must not really be an issue” I doubt we will ever get one, especially now that the team left in charge seems to be a skeleton crew.

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Lol!! I’ll get worse!!!
It’s sad for me to accept it, but I think you’re right.
You know? It’s funny how before 2.36 I only got the audio bug like twice. After 2.36 was released, I’ve got it about 7 times. Did you see the video? Is that similar to how it sounds for you?

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That’s identical to what I get although I’ve gotten less pig sounds and gunshots and more just absolute silence. I’ve had this exact thing happen to me since Excavation dropped and it’s never been fixed. I’ve mentioned this issue several times and Kass finally gave me the answer I said earlier back in October.

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Wow… and according to how things have been doing lately, I’m not surprised at all. Makes me mad and sad at the same time

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@AlexManzo thank you for the bug report we will take a look into these issues.

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