Still haven’t got the new map

Literally just came back to see the new map, played like 20 games still haven’t got it once

Hahaha fuck you




I did, gots a strawberry farm and some weird long grass with spike shaped leaves and the a.i look tired all the time with blood shot eyes lol

i have and the map kinda sucks on pred side ngl

huge wide open spaces AI doesn’t actually spawn in 3 of the camps unless a mission takes the FT there

Ai gueralla snipers all over that can always see you and deal 150 dmg when they shoot you and they can’t miss

most buildings you can’t enter as pred unless you crouch

The huge wide open spaces are a bit problematic. But I’ll take that over fucking caves any day

Played it in privates. It’s very ft sided due to the structure at the air strip having extremely easy roof access for ft and the rooms inside to hide in.