Still?! Seriously?!

People STILL are rage quitting on FT well before the reinforce is even initiated.

Also, this has been brought up on another thread:
If you are running “SAVAGE” pred Specialization and they quit when you claim them, you don’t get the health.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier

I understand setting up consequences for quitting mid game could push players away, but they are doing that to themselves already AND directly having an impact on the way the match is played out itself.

Can’t we hone in the experience for players that actually stay and playthrough a full game?

Or are we past trying to make this experience better?

Here’s to hoping.

Literally anything.

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Lmao make ft que longer.

That might make em not leave.
And I dont mean as a punishment.
I mean just raise ft que to 3 minutes xD


Honestly want to see something, ANYTHING done to make people slightly inconvenienced for the huge inconvenience they cause, when playing a game not at full strength. (Full strength meaning having the ability to still have a full team after reinforce, instead of being left solo, or with 1 person in purgatory lol)

Ppl should have to close out the game in order to leave, shit is supper annoying. Even in clash… its fucking clash who cares what happens


Nothing is worse than playing clash and seeing the team drop from 3…2…1… and now it’s 4 v 1 and that shit ain’t fun in clash…


Especially when your the predator… or even worse waiting whole game for the turds turns to be over as pred and when it’s your turn its now 4v1 smh.

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Why stay you can get a new match before reinforcements even pops. They did it to themselves when they upped the time, so really the Pred players did it by complaining it was to short.

I don’t quit to be clear, just think it’s funny how it worked out.

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I honestly wished the reinforce was like 20 seconds, so that could make purgatory players think there is a chance.

I agree the upped reinforce time was stupid.

It could instantly come back for all I care. The fts don’t go right for it usually anyways.

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I think that’s probably why they made the pause menu input take so long to respond.

Also, I’ll definitely rage quit sometimes but only when I have 0 confidence in my team. I’ve rage quit without even dying because my team is so bad like fuck it not even gonna bother lol

Or make bots. Same way evolve did. So you dont completely ruin the game for everyone by leaving


Don’t worry once the FT crate comes out this month FT queues should increase


I just loaded into a game with 3 Dante Field Medics and simply left. Not sure if that counts 🤷‍♀️

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I cant blame them. If im downed and my team starts to make bullshit, I’ll just leave.

just remove reinforcements at all , just give a buff to ft (or more aim kit in map ) to balance the game

More buff to FT would kill the game completely.
I would make the reinforcements available only when 1 FT is alive and only in the first 5 min of match. If after that, 1 is on his own.
Then, probably buff the last man standing. Like gaining non-damage related perks Dexterous, Double Time, Pig in Shit, Ice Cold, Silent, Sixth Sense and Iron Lungs.

not really , if ft dont have reinforcements but they have 1 more use of item or 5-10% more dmg it would be fine , because now if they die they die
deleting reinforcements also will destroy squads

I do not agree. Right now, 1 or 2 good FT players are way more than enough to melt a Predator down. Imagine if those 1 or 2 get buffed…

imagine if these 2 good ft player come back from the dead thats worst than a small buff

What i’ve said is that were inly reinforcements in the first 5min of the match. After that, no reinforcements at all.

so no reinforcements at all .thats what are you saying