Stormtroopers Best Aim in the Galaxy

@TheSenate @Durbs2001

Imagine this guy using the plasma caster


He’d hit the FT member he isn’t aiming for! Instant down of course lol.



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What no vibrosword?

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Why would Preds switch to plastic one hit armor?

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Well from a technical sense pred armor is equivalent to about the same durability as stormtrooper or clone armor. It’s the fact that the weapons are strong than them. A pc or blaster both shoot hot laser plasma which decimates metal armor.

Only reason why pred’s armor seems stronger cuz he majority of the time gets shot by bullets. But if another pred tries to shoot a pc at him he would have no choice but to dodge or get basically 1 tapped like stormtroopers lol

We need clankers along with it lol

Aw makes sense but will still do more research

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Idk about 1 tapped but crucified was definitely hauling ass once started spamming caster.

Upgrade gave 0 damns about the caster though, if theyre really that easy to sidestep up close the better idea would be to run towards the plasma spam not away from it.

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