STORYTIME: Come all ye faithful Predator fans! Its holiDecember month!

Stop yee bickering with each other! Let’s join together on this month of holiness. When our lord Arnold, for whom we are grateful of, had sacrificed a few years to do movies!

You know, once upon a time us soldiers got together in the JONGO for nothing but a pay cheque and a dare! You know those life-threatening dares? You know and where we just tell each other we miss that shit and get into it?
The pay is fat (Veriturium)…and we sitting in front of a smelly old oxen and warm ass camp fire talking about our shit.

You know this shit ain’t real, but that’s what merry making is all about!

Now don’t tell me you’re thinking about something else!? Dont tell me you got something else on your mind?

All right back to the story…

Well, it always happens on Christmas weekend…we all get together in the JONGO and cook us up some nice pork chops and BBQ pork ribs right…

Its all going good until we look up and see this shit around the corner…

We ask ourselves, was that shit always hanging up there dripping all over us? We’ve been cooking meat for the last 4hours with all that pork smell filling the air!!!

And I ask Pablo WTF is going on? But i don’t hear Pablo saying nothing. Thats because i can’t for the life of me find Pablo anywhere! Excuse me if i didn’t notice him at all becuase i was too busy with the BBQ - which by the way was fuckin smelling delicious. anywho…
So we’re running about freaking out looking for Pablo for an hour and we can’t find him!
Then I’m calling his mom on the GPS phone and that shits running out of BATTERY LIFE! It was Pablo’s job to recharge it! That Sommobitch was suppose to do that an hour ago!!

That’s when we find out about PABLO~! His dog tag spelt his full name. Maj. Pablo K. Escobar.

This shits a true story mang. Pablo was a good soldier. He was my friend. Goodbye bro.


No, I will bicker until I get my Predator cybernetic customizations

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You already know 😏

Krampus and Santa Build


Until I can get a cute little santa hat to put on Dutch, bah humbug on you lot.

(@Kassinaillia pls make this happen)


You know , its times like these that truly make me humble 😪

Aint gonna happen my brow

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That John Leguizamo is never coming back from that.

That is literally one of his best roles.
I miss the 90s lol

This I agree with

In my effort on being merry, i’m going to let my profile open to the public. yeah thats right. its viewable now.