Stuck in aim animation after getting parried

Whenever I do a Yautja Bow shot or plasma shot at close range and follow it up with a wrist blade slash or two, when I get parried I get stuck in the aiming animation with my ranged weapon while I’m parried and also after I’m parried. This has singlehandedly caused my second winding and/or death so many damn times in private matches it’s infuriating. I know to just press aim again to get out of the aim animation but I am still stuck in place for a considerable amount of time, ya know, seeing as just one full clip from a 1011-12 can deplete my health, let alone 4 of them.


This happens also as FT. You get stuck aiming and then, you can’t fire your weapon. I haven’t noticed when exactly it happens, but just 2 days ago nothing was working, and my friend said “press Start” and that was the only thing that did it!
Also as a Pred, it has happened to me that the attack /fire animation is stuck. This goes away (for me) by shooting an arrow, but I have even performed Power slams out of nowhere due to this issue.

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I had a similar problem the other day. It looks like after throwing a grenade or using a syringe, my character is stuck without a weapon. I had a blank screen with a crosshair and couldn’t get weapons and gears. But somehow canceled it by pressing some key.

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