Stuck in Customization

Whenever I go into predator customization everything is fine. But there are 2 predators I’ve made that whenever I click on them the game says “Loading” and gets stuck there. I have to quit the game and start over to get out of it.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Could this be because of the perk and gear updates…?
There has been alot of times when I’ve gotten back into the game and perks and gear are reset due to updates/patches and I might think that is what is causing this issue.

If not then im completely lost.


I did earlier today, thankfully i got launched into a match and it fixed it

Just a typical match or did you need to enter the match as the predator that was bugged?

I was already in a queue with a Friend and being put into a match is what “unstuck” my game since it forced a loading screen.