Stuck inside of tree bug w/Video (PS4)

Right at the beginning of the match I long jumped into a tree and was stuck there for a few minutes. I was able to get out by long jumping again with a ground pound.


The problem is your using the Valk. Maybe try not pay to win preds

Oh my God! You are an exploiter! Hiding from FT inside a tree??
Fantasma is that you?


I was using the female hunter class. I haven’t bought the valkyrie.

We all paid too much for this game

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Lol! This is the truth this game should have been free to play with the optional paid dlc

yep that’s happened to me also few times, and I played scout

Don’t worry my friend.
This happened to me as well in one match, which I also lost because I was missing the time I was stuck.

Yep…happened to me twice. I love being one with nature


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“Use the trees, Luke!”