Suggestions for possible future game modes

I’m sure the IllFonic team is already hard at work to new updates. A few ideas that I have for future game modes could include a mode similar to a “battle royale” mode, in which there are 2-4 fireteams each completing objectives and only 1 helicopter out so only 1 FT can escape, opposing FT’s can kill each other and gain more points for doing so, part of the objective is taking out other fireteams as well as predators. 1-4 predators hunting fire team members on top of it. Killing a predator creates a ping for everyone- FT and predator alike. Securing the body ensures extra xp, however other fireteams or even the predator team can secure the body if the killing team doesn’t pay enough attention. Securing the body does not end the game, the game ends when all fire teams are dead or until 1 team escapes. There could even be a post match for the teams that don’t escape should anyone be left alive. The objective for fire team members simply becomes survive, predators focus on hunting everyone down while fireteams focus is killing remaining predators and opposing teams. I’m not sure of the Other logistics but that’s one idea.

Another could be a team deathmatch in which a balanced amount of predators are facing a balanced amount of fireteam members. The simple objective is to reach a specified kill count, or it could even be based on lives- I.e. each predator only has 1 life and fireteam has 2-3.

Other cool modes could be a large scale version of the base game, where 4-16 players are on the fireteam and a squad of predators are hunting them down. Obviously a large fireteam can fly through a standard objective, therefore the objective is obviously multitiered.

Many people seem to be upset there is no single player mode, a story mode would be most interesting! The campaign could be a cool update/inclusion in which there is a fireteam story mode and a predator story mode you can play separately.

If anyone else has interesting ideas feel free to throw them on!


I agree 100%, people who say they shouldn’t do this are always people who have no problem with a game giving you the bare minimum. Not everyone plays online 24/7 people were asking for a single player campaign before the game even came out, like what made them think no one would ask for it? People asked for it with F13. Plus most of all the player base of this game need to stop thinking this game wont die, cause of it does and the shit down the servers guess what you cant play the game anymore, but if it had a single player campaign or offline bots you can play it when ever you want, and not have your ability to play this game based on other people playing it

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To vent, and there are devs of other companies that look at forums like this and they see what to do and not do if they are doing a game like this. Majority of the people here know the devs wont read these because most of the problems still haven’t been fixed, plus this also shows you there are people who want what you want from devs that only care about a portion of the gamer player base