Suppressor sound glitch (video)

Seems to be only heard by other fireteam members… i dont think ive heard this as the predator… Any time some one has a suppressed weapon it will do this but for the person that shot the weapon he will not hear this audio glitch just his teammates. Ps5

Here is a more annoying version of it and more prominent i think this video will really help a lot. In this video it happens over and over again the same glitch please fix this please

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Never mind it can be heard by the predator as well and its super annoying -__-

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Its when the repeating loop is fixed on a specific team member. Basically it follows him around until it fixes itself.
This audio glitch and the infinite explosive loop that basically destroys my speakers still need to be fixed.
It rarely happens, but when it does its so annoying!

Please fix this

can you reproduce this in the most recent patch?

What does that mean?? You ask this on every glitch i post about but i can confirm it still happens… if thats what you are asking

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Are you going to pass this over to QA?? If you need more information let me know i will gladly help whatever it takes to get this fixed please