Sure this won't be read, but for the record....

Make traps completely invisible with the same radius. That shit is so obvious night and day that its almost pointless to use. And to counter that a few ft classes can have the option to use a perk to see the traps where they can see it as obvious as it is rn. If your not gonna add weapons and gear for the predator at least make what we have now efficient enough to use.

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Maybe not the traps completely invisible, but make the sounds it makes quieter and the trap radius invisible, along with you have to shoot the actually trap a few times in order to disarm it, not just shooting the radius of it

Almost all fireteam i play against shoot the traps down easily

Yea that’s wut i meant exactly what you said not the traps themselves but the radius. Yea same here i can lay out a plan and try to funnel the ft toward the trap bit they ALWAYS see it and shoot em and it just turns to a waste of gear


Either that or no sound. One or the other, because, as you said, they’re mostly useless right now.

Yeah. The only way I’ve found them useful is dropping them from high enough to immediately trap or using them in large numbers to block an area like the exfil or reinforcements.

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Play on lowest settings, then you won’t see them.
(One of those things people don’t know when saying that people with low settings cheat. lmao)

So they cant see the traps , but they can see the predator from the other side of the map 🤔 sorted 👍🏻

Dude believe me we talked about everything like one year ago maybe 2 years ago , every Change , every idea , every bug that needs to get fix
No one cares


Smh I know but fuck at least give a explanation for why none of the most simple things can’t be done…garbage