Sync issue


Someone!! Please explain me this:

I was getting melee damage from a Predator that wasn’t even near me.
I know this is a sync issue. Because the Pred player had almost 300ms ping.
Also, now i got the explanation for this:

I’ve never seen this in any other game except when someone is using upload speed limiters on their routers for exploiting (hacking???) in multiplayer online games.
In all other situations, is the person who has a bad connection that is affected, not the others.
Please fix your servers or do something to prevent people who has shitty connections to get into the game.

In other online fps games even having 100ms ping will cause all kinds of syncing issues like bullets not registering even if you are seeing them hit your enemy, but in this game people think that 300ms ping is perfectly fine lol…

That’s one of my points exactly. In any game, ones who have a bad ping are the one who won’t see their hits registered.
In this game, the ones who have good connections are the ones who get hit out of nowhere.

Yes, exactly.