t posing predator ..... no textures

lol my first game after years and my predator on ps4 version playing ps5 was literally in t pose i couldnt even use my abilities and predator was untextured what the hell is this? i hope to hell in the update to come this gets fixed video here as proof of course i had to quit my game i mean what the hell could i do? walk around static all game and jump lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P7ZSzxxMuA

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Data Compilation - A-Pose


so why does this happen? it was funny but annoying as shit lol. considering the time it took to que. can they fix it? hopefully they can

Loads placeholder first and or can’t authenticate class and loads placeholder

hmmm ok weird its a simple fix then? or unreal engine problem? wouldnt surprise me if its a illfonic problem considering even the pred suits parts clip into each other parts of it. guess will see what comes in april in terms of patching

Hacker! Reportado 🤣

lol yeah ps5 hacking hopefully this gets fixed though

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