Tactic game mechanic: leader bonus

Look man, it’s not my fault @Eshtion got all pissy.
Dude getting all pissed off because someone is saying facts.

God forbid things ain’t how he sees it and someone mentions hes wrong.

it’s a fine idea many games have done it before you just run into the old addage if one persons leader bonus is simply better than none of hte others matter you have to ensure each leader bonus is for different sorts of build comps

so like if one persons leader bonus is +5 ATK
and if someone else’s is +5MAG
this is fine but if someones is something super general like
+10% HP
this is usually not fine cause one of these is good ALL the time for all people

and also early final fantasy games were practically tactics games due to the turn based nature of their combat and the effective rock/paper/scissors they had via magic and the like

now you could also do the thing that the marvel alliance games did where they had actual set bonus’s based on teams so if you rana full team of X-men
you would get a bonus for that team

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Uhg fuck no

Don’t worry, I don’t have an idea for any bonuses yet, I just wantwd to test the water with the idea before dedicating to it fully, but if I do use them they’re going to be like what you said, build based.