Tactic game mechanic: leader bonus

So take an xcom/final fantasy style game where you choose your own squad

What if each unit had a special bonus that applied when you made them a team leader. Just thought of this and wanted to mentally test it out a bit here before fully considering it

How does final fantasy fit in?
Completely different genres.
Yeah few games have done this.

One of my favorite games, advanced wars: days of ruin had something like that.

But yeah. This commander makes snipers better, this one explosives.

Age of wonders: planetfall does this as well.

As you level up your units, the hero characters, which are stronger, get skill points for active and passive abilities. What they get depends on their race and tech.

Like if this hero is squad leader, they heal at the beginning of every turn out of combat.
There was also aiming bonuses, resistances, stuff like that.

Lol you just keep mentioning stuff done before xD.

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Btw in age of wonder, you can have more than one passive.

Just general

Not really.

I’m not saying everything is unique here. No art is truly unique. I just want to test the waters.

Oh fuck, here we go again… I’ll put money on this being ‘2d vs 3d stealth’ part 2.

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Let loose the dogs of war

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Well you say you wanna test it, I gave you ideas.

@TheAlmightyJim xcom and ff are completely different. It’s not my fucking fault eshtion has a fucked up perception and sees thing is a stupid way.

Still a fact, 2d ain’t true stealth.

If your only connection is that its turn based, that’s an extremely weak and stupid comparison.

Xcom you have one mission where you have weak units, where as in ff you have full fledge characters.
Compared to ff, that is.

Seriously tho man, you have a problem trying to fuse things under the same label when they ain’t.

That aside, you didnt even fucking respond to the mechanics I mentioned from other games.

Are you looking for passives?
Buffs you activate?
Work with me here.

I wanna see what you end up coming up with btw.

Yes they are

But they’re both tactics games. I was just giving examples.

Know what. Fuck off.

Oh dont get sensitive on me bitch, you know I dont give a fuck. Idk why you insist on focusing on that, instead of what I asked.
Answer the question.

In Gungnir, FF tactics type game, team leader (Ace) is chosen for each battle. Depending of who it is, certain unit types get minor but significant bonuses. But, if team leader is killed, it’s game over. If i remember correctly, mage type character Ace will give bonuses to such type classes. Tank to tanky classes, ranged to ranged and such. Complements play style, though o wasn’t as concerned with this cause i needed specific unit types for each battle and that mattered more to me. But, such risk/reward option is an interesting one. Could add depth to battle system.

The fuck is ff lmao
Depends if the 2d is top-down or not. A platformer isn’t really stealth, but a top-down can have really nice stealth gameplay. Once more, I will advertise Darkwood (partly because it’s terrific, partly cos it’s the only 2d I own) and yeah you gotta be stealthy at times to avoid getting clapped.

Again, stealth started with games like tenchu, mgs, splinter cell, all 3d, where you can come in from different angles and analyze the situation. Not get stuck only going one direction one time.

Top down isn’t 2d btw. That’s like 2.5d.

Final fantasy btw.
Ff is final fantasy.

Anyone who likes final fantasy wants to secretly dress up like a a pokemon, or furry. which ever they are all the same.


Hug it out @Eshtion @Fire

Now I don’t play final fantasy…
But anyone who likes Cyberpunk 2077 wants to get pegged by a robot.

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The future is now old man


Ey, wanting to peg robots and wanting to get pegged by robots are two totally different things.

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Oh totally. I just thought you got the two mixed up

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I’m not that stupid… quite.

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