Tactical Crossbow for Fireteam ?

yeah dude we are talking about proposing a tactical crossbow for FT, just make a different thread cause we need this to stay on topic plz

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Does it matter? They’re not implementing either of those things. They can’t even get super pred’s face right when it can be seen via a quick google search: “Super Predator unmasked”

Super Predators jaws are made that way in order to correctly fold under the Biomasks, that’s very basic understanding of 3d design and modeling, the orientation of the tusks may not be 100% movie accurate but they work without clipping through masks and with the next few updates they will fix the predlocks, loincloth, roar and all other problems, just be grateful we have two new classes to hunt with, and Tracker is coming soon.

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“Be greatful”? There’s nothing to be greatful for when for every 10 matches, I only NOT bluescreen in one of them. And keep thinking they’ll fix the predlocks and all that. Isn’t exile pred’s predlocks still the elder predlocks? The dude came out in like October and we’re in late January now. Y’all are never going to learn to stop putting hope in this scam.


Yeah man I feel your pain, it’s the same for me with the audio bug getting worse with every update but with all its flaws this game offered us hundreds of hours of fun and it’s still alive online, look what happened to Aliens Fireteam Elite, it’s deader than dead even if it’s much more stable. It’s all about the community

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I got sounds of le crossbow
There is very distinct sound
So it wouldn’t be a silent killer

Ye crossbow makes like a “bdoingggg” sound whenever it fires

And idek how you’d put a silencer on it

Even silenced weapons make minimal noise and don’t appear on Pred’s infra, now compare the bdoing noise it would make with the sweet sweet sound of the noob squealer in your team blasting the first pmc at the infil with half of his gatling ammo or in those caves in exca. I just think a crossbow would be a cool alternative to fight bow preddies with skill and style, I doesn’t have to be 100% realistic since technically they are hunting green blooded mofos from outer space, just sayin’.

You don’t

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Not talking about the game ding dong
Just saying in general a crossbow have a very distinct noise

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Just…use a silenced sniper rifle; it does more damage than a crossbow would and would have the same silenced effect of a crossbow–by this game’s logic, where you can snipe out an AI right next to another AI and as long as the sniper is silenced, he won’t even notice or hear the headshot splatter (it’s even more ridiculous when you use Isabelle’s sniper that still has it’s plasma sound effect regardless).

I’m pretty sure sniper rifles are hitscan, while a crossbow would have the same shot parable of Pred’s bow, thus requiring more skill to be used on middle and long distances and it’s just way cooler to have a unique new weapon, don’t you think ?

are you even Fixing the super Predators?

Fixing what specifically?

Now I got no skin in the game here seeing as I haven’t bought the pack but I’d wager he means the predlocks not fitting on them at all that people have been complaining about since their release. Could also be referring to their build being too skinny or their lack of a unique roar for a super pred.

The Mr.Black Predator and the Falconer.

yeah, which part of “make your own thread we are discussing a crossbow here” you didn’t get ?

am i talking to you? and do i care?