Tag device from the Concrete Jungle book.

Going through weapons and gear on the fandom site and came across a “tag”. This tag was used in the concrete jungle book where I believe it was Schaefer (Dutch’s brother that had it on his nape or an artery somewhere im going to have to read this book again).So the idea is to have Pred geared up with 1 tag. Once you tag a FT soldier it can’t be removed by FT and the tagged FT soldier is visible at all times only if he was tagged successfully.
Any ideas? Should be an expensive gear slot I think. Death squads are still death squads but the preds might be able to push back a little bit harder knowing location of 1 FT throughout the match.

Used in the Predator: Concrete Jungle comic, the tag is a small circular tracking device that is used on prey which the Predator wishes to continuously bait rather than kill outright. The bottom portion of the tag is coated with hook-like barbs which are inserted beneath the target’s skin to prevent removal.

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Recently also came across a book about concrete jungle. I’m glad I found her.