Take the Restrictions off Private Mode

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I’m down with this!!!

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Multipredmode should be coupled with a type of game mode like clash. So what that means really shouldn’t just be killing FT. Although that might be fun, that will get tiresome for the FT real quick and depends on the platform too because we all know some ft teams are really good and can compete with multi-preds but the majority of PS players will lose indefinitely.

So imagine a 4 pred team against AI objectives with ‘who can claim the most AI heads in 4minutes’ then cool.
A map like HQ would be interesting as the map would randomize locations of enemy types and you’ll have to find and claim at least 1 of each type.


Right! We have all been a private lobby with more than 10 ppl even if it didn’t work but we know it has the capacity to hold more than 8.

This would give every player what they have been asking for, while also not having the main modes to have lengthy wait times!

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That’s why it would be in the private mode not the base modes!

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I agree @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

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What game currently would see issues with having too many people on screen at once?

I imagine there could be tremendous syncing issues with 10+ players at once.


I’m sorry Mass, did ai not explain it correctly! So if Private lobbies, so not public. Should have no restrictions. We should have modifiers for everything, number of players, number of preds number of ft, stuff like that!

So it would give Private lobbies the freedom to be whatever they want!

So instead of giving us a multi pred mode that would hurt Hunt wait times, let us have the multi pred game in private lobbies instead to preserve the base game as intended!

no i think i understsood you meant privates. Just saying, a free for all with unnrestricted access to players is just conjecture. It needs some substance is all i’m saying.

I understand, its a sandbox type of thing you want. But the thing is there are already so much in the modifications nobody is ready to use.

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Why I said they would have to due a pretty big optimization Update before this!

I know this is a stretch and would be a big task for them but if they did this instead of giving us a new mode it would help the game more than a new mode would!

What kind of substance?

I feel, let’s say. We have 2 preds v 8 ft players.

Base mode. Then let’s say they add a lot of modifications to private like, let’s say you are plying on backwater, with the mission select you pic two missions the ft does! Makes sure they are at different camps. So either they stick together and be safe and do the missions one at a time or play it risky and split up and do both at the same time! Maybe idk brainstorming.

Add the the conversation man. Btw Added you on epic

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yeah, i get what you’re saying. I just don’t know if that would be fun because there is no way of knowing.

But on a side note, adding a Weekly or Daily ticket game that will match make you based off of a crazy Private mode Modication setting would be neat.

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What would make it fun in your eyes?

But that’s also why I said it wouldn’t hurt Wait times because eventually just like you said everyone would have there fill of it and return to public while only doing huge lobbies every once in a while! You know?

Because Ultimately I know that the new mode will not be a multi pred mode but more of some kind of survival mode for fr where they drop on with little to no heat type of mode

I think the problem is with Privates is that its cumbersome to find friends to co-ordinate with, but the actual items you can modify in private matches are great and definitely deserve our attention.

So what would make it fun in my eyes, is if the devs have researched what would be a fun game modification setting and make it into one of our daily or weekly challenges.
All we need to do is select it from the challenges menu items and it would match make it as a public match or two or three times or until you can win it.

Like for example:
You select the Daily Mod Match, and you’ll be in the lobby with 4 other guys, the Title says Big Head Super Gravity. And if you win the match as FT you get V, if you win the match as Pred you get V. If you lose, you try again.

and then the next day it will be something different.

There definitely would be a challenge for them to find good settings because they most definitely can’t make FT have 1000% health. But you never know.

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That would be fun too!

I understand your grievance with having to find players! But that would also be the issue with it being a public mode.

I just feel Private lobbies would be better for to have it player heavy. It just makes more sense because you would not have to worry about rage quitters and if they make dedicated servers for private lobbies that even out the ping of the players the lag and sync issues should be non existent!

I love that idea. That’s why I suggested the community cloud, let’s say You mass make an awesome variant of Hunt that has been downloaded by the entire community in private matches, and they made it available for Public for a weekend or week


that sounds like a great idea. if it were implemented into the interface somehow.
I dont know how quickly that would work, but to get devs on the ball with having presets would be more productive than having the playerbase do it themselves (whom already are fed up with the game for their own reasons).

The big issue is the enormous amount of meta data that we would have to try to communicate with the forum members. Settings are way to cumbersome to type out.

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Yeah I know! Atm I’m trying to have hope with the Devs they have proven they can do and make something beautiful and it works great! So I think if after the planned content and the new mode is let down again then this would be something to implement to say the game!

I’m sure they already have all the options for the the amount of plyers and pred already coded.

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What would your take be on this

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