Talk to us, you owe us that much.

Illfonic, for over a year now, your standards for transparency, content output, bug fixes, and communicationhave dropped significantly. And yet, you choose to remain silent, providing no comment on why this is, how it is happening, or why we should continue to purchase and use your products.

There are so many bugs, glitches, unfinished content, crashes, issues, and frankly grossly insulting cash grabs that have not been addressed. And I think that we, as your consumers, deserve better than what you are currently giving.

What I ask of you is simple. Please speak to us. Tell us why this is happening. Tell us why your standards have dropped. Tell us why you’ve abandonded your fans by moving on to Arcadegeddon and Ghost Busters, when you haven’t even given us quality or communication on Predator. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that you are losing your customers by following this path.


They are launching 2 full games this summer and are probably trying to appropriately staff those launches, so they don’t have another PHG launch again.

This game is on the backburner, while they attempt to learn from PHGs mistakes.

They don’t have the time, they don’t have the staff, and surely have lost their drive to work on the game to see it reach its full potential.

I mean the best we can hope for is to see them not repeate the same mistakes with Ghostbusters and Arcadegeddon, to hopefully work on the game when GB and AR hit their stride, or sell it off to a company that has the ability to work on the game.

Having a stagnant Predator game imo is terrible since we have been all deprived of one, for almost 10 years, a new movie is coming out and the WANT for quality Predator products is overtly apparent.

Dont some big wig, suit types want to make some money?

It makes no sense to me to not do right by this franchise over and over. (Almost seems on purpose to piss the fans off and make us look like the idiots)

We just need the help we deserve.

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War never changes

Let’s w8 and see the next update for phg
Cuz you can see alot of people including me reported so many bugs before
And so many people talked about balance changes , so let’s see how much they care about community
( like they said all changes on the game is based on feedbacks)
So let’s just wait and see


While I’ve been gone a while, if they haven’t changed, as I would expect, you’ll get a bug fix that results in more bugs and more silence.

I’m sorry but there’s no point to this. They’re not going to say anything. It’s all done


Buff FT, nerf pred.


Because admiting failure will just hurt their image more, its easier to hide.


Your mother!

slaps folder of incriminating images of your mother on the table, spilling a few photos out of the folder


Would be nice to be told they were putting the game down for good.

It’s exhausting having so much hope for a Predator game that is () <— that close to being probably the best Predator game in existence.

To leave it like this in a wake of upset consumers just isnt the way to do it.

Especially with a movie on the way to revive the franchise.

I’m sorry but it’s as simple as this:
They don’t give a fuck

Illfonic be like…


@Weevo540 thought of you while doing this one LOL

Help Predator


This is why the devs ditched this game. You should be ashamed



In a deeper meaning of this meme too…

Illfonic thought the IP would just do all the work.

While they sit on the swing having the entirety of everything and everyone trying to push them to do anything to help PHG, while dragging their feet through the sand the swing is ontop of.

I’d argue it’s poetic 🤣

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Never existed.
just that they started blatantly outsourcing

No they want cheap low budget games that already have fanbases that will purchase anything with the trademark on it because quality doesn’t matter in that case.

Its been like this for a minute now once people realized you don’t have to put a bunch of money into franchises, people will buy bad games regardless or you can carrot-stick them with a half finished product.


Are you surprised? LOL

yes we know dude

Anyone know when Ghostbusters is coming out? I want to preorder it to get the EXCLUSIVE 87 Slimer skin.

I’ve been reporting and waiting for over 6 months!! It’s just ridiculous.

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I know bro , same here

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