Tank mask is oversized.

So either it is made for an upcoming bigger predator, or it is just made to be imposing like the Arthos and Ravager masks?

All the new mask seem to be oversized wolf and emissary are as well.

some masks i find are easier to shoot off than others

They wolf’s looks a lil scaled down compared to before but yea emissary and a few others do look oversized

So, aside movie ones that are sure not to be screen accurate in size,
all the others are mistakenly bigger than they should be.

I know some 3D modelers who have forgotten to hit Ctrl+S before uploading the models to the main folders. xD

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haha remember when we thought we were getting a new model for Supers and they just ended up frankensteining the original into a retextured abomination?

They did create a new head model for sure, the mandibles and shape of the head crest show that. Im not sure about the body though…I wanna say yes because the arms and legs look different then the default hunter but I don’t remember.

Not saying it looks great, but they did go out of their way to try, unlike wolf.