Target isolation doesn’t work

I do all the tricks, run into the middle and pop isolation. I run to other objectives and hit it again. Nothing. Sometimes I’m lucky if they shoot other games I just leave after 5 minutes of not finding them.

Isolation will not work while they are mudded up.

Then how tf am I supposed to find them if they ain’t shooting? Half of my pred games are just me running around swapping vision modes. It blows.

Learn the maps, learn where objectives normally are. Also keep an eye out for thermal signatures or mudded heat signatures

Mud prevents target isolation from working as Tiny said. You are really bad at the game if you cant find anyone on the map the entire round my dude. I would probably recommend you refund and go back to a game that hands you everything you need to win on a silver platter and you can button spam your way to victory because it doesn’t sound like this is the game for you.

Sounds like a plan

Hold tab to open the map fully and patrol all of the bases. Thats how I do it

Nah dude is right. This game ain’t for me. I don’t mind damage nerfs and balancing but if they don’t shoot and I can’t find them and they call the chopper what’s the point. Oh well you guys enjoy.

Other people are saying mud shouldn’t affect target isolation but it sure is

Try to pay attention to your surroundings. I seen a flock of birds move and I went over to investigate and boom…there was the fireteam and they were mudded up. I pay attention to any kind of movement and if something seems off in the environment the FT usually not far away

That’s actually a good and productive tip. If I try again I’ll do that. Thanks dude.

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No prob…good luck on the hunt bro

I’m lvl 200 and my fireteams are scared ass bitches that won’t do the damn objectives and just hide in the hardest spots constantly reapplying mud

Use a decent headset. Turn up effects volume. You’ll hear shots even if they’re using supressors. And you’ll hear AI shots.
Move quickly to the furthest camp where you spawn.
Target iso will show you pigs, which means FT is near there or just passed by that location.
Observe AI movements.
Play as FT also so you learn the missions and it’s objectives.
All of the above or use Tracker.

Or you just learn where the FT Spawns.
It’s always the same spot relative to the Predator spawn.
Go to the nearest camp from there.