Was put into 2nd wind, went to heal and was teleported right next to the FT.
I guess it was more like I jumped, but I still was moved over to them and killed.
I do have a video of it, but there is some cursing in it.

Same happened multiple times in the same match.

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this isn’t even the first time. I think it has something to do with the healing animations because thats when I notice it happens the most.

Yeah, I’ve had quite a few issues with this update like lag spikes whenever I’m near Fireteam but when I’m away there’s no lag whatsoever.

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Yeah thats what I thought
I was doing pretty good too ):

I often seem to have lag spikes in hurry-scurry situations - e.g. when I am right in the middle of a cloud of lots of AIs, FTs and the Pred. Then my FT-soldier moves in slow motion. Sometimes so slow, that I can do nothing against being hacked down…

But that happened more often some months ago, at the moment it is relatively rare.

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Dead game lœl

That’s some bull shit.

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Your face is a dead game

This is good

James Cameron is working on a new FT weapon. I call it the preddy magnet. It’s clearly not finished yet. But just you wait. Next time you’re shooting your little bow from the trees you will be pulled to the ground by my new weapon.

Yes people. Get your pre orders in now for next months dlc, the preddy magnet. Only 5 dollars (gazorpazorps also accepted)


Lag spike, not a bug