Text UI Size

Can a option be added to increase or decrease the text size of the hints,such as Spotted,Bio Masked Destroyed,Low Energy or an ocupacy option ? It’s a little belligerent to see it constantly you have low energy almost every two seconds and I don’t need to be reminded every two seconds just asking.

No. Fuck off


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Unless you’re a dev for illfonic not much you can contribute dick


You’ll get your update when you fix this damn door, ya simp

Maybe cry if I having to stare into the flashing text every 5 SEC’s

How do you upload pictures in the replys?

Hit the photo icon. At the bottom.

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Cool thanks



I reckon so.

Although, I think he and his husband are estranged since he recycles the same 5 memes - I think he lost his distributor :/

That makes sense it’s sentimental value they hold lol 😆

Update coming tomorrow