Thank you Illfonic for adding Fireteam bots!

Now that we have Fireteam bots that move towards the player (when playing as the Predator) and attack, the game is self-sustained.
We can play this game without competition against people.

With the Fireteam bots, Illfonic have made a simple A.I. that simply goes after you (as the Predator) and attacks. Nothing fancy, but the Fireteam bots
can still be challenging to fight since they are deadly. If you mindlessly attack them or try to bully them directly, they will take you down very fast.
Once you start attacking them intelligently by weakening them bit by bit and then running away, use trees to attack and you are patient, they become easy to beat.
But Illfonic have proven that simple A.I. bots can still be fun and challenging to play against.

Now my greatest wish would be for a Predator bot to fight against as a Fireteam soldier, that would make this game whole and complete.
Illfonic could just use a similar attack pattern for the Predator bot, just make it follow the player and then attack using its plasma weapons.
With (or without) the help of Fireteam bots on your side you could take on a Predator bot in an offline solo private match.

I am dying to aim my assault rifle at a Predator bot and shoot it.

Illfonic, make it happen!

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While I enjoy having FT bots in game now, the way they behave is very… robotic.🤖

They don’t behave like human mercenaries in the jungle that you as the Predator have to hunt, but rather the opposite.

From the moment the match starts, they drive right to your location. Camo, tree leaping… everything and anything won’t help you evade them to develop a strategy of attack.

If your high in a tree they will swarm beneath you like a swarm of hornets until you hit the algorithm of being in range. Then they melt you.

Yes, they’re easy enough to beat because it’s not difficult to see how they behave. However I would have liked to see a bit more of a human type A.I. if that even makes any sense.

Go ahead… try to stealth kill one. Not happening.


totally agree, ok for the bots… i was waithing for that… but i believe they need a lot of improvements… for example, as human FT member, you must do your mission and survive the pred and kill him… here the bots totally bypass the operative mission and go straight to the pred… this is non what the game need…

Please Illfonic, add the operative pattern to the bots… and give them some randomic behavior, because now they are robot.


Finally braindead AI on both sides, the game is complete.

Can’t tell what’s worse the brain dead bots or the brain dead ppl who think they are enjoyable to play against… if lazy ass ullfinic actually makes them more interesting to play against then I’d give them a nice hand 👏. But that’s the least of my concerns for this game

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the real problem is that this game is bad. there is not a single player choice that is a base for every can say what you want over and over… but not every fan want to play a predator game that not give a pred experience to the players… it can be cool to play a game only for challenge, but at that point who cares to play a predator game or a call of duty game or any other game? challenge is not everithing anyway.

Bots can be a good idea to play in solo and enjoy a little bit the predator experience. obviously the AI must be well coded… not braindead, but all here knows that illfonic is not good to make AI.

with the money they get, maybe can order an external coding work for the AI instead give us tons of useless goodies.
when this game will die one day or another, the bots will do their work to keep the game alive.
there are a lot of game with good bots AI… its not impossible.

I would much rather have braindead AI than no AI. At least now we have bots to play against when playing as the Predator.

I hope we can have a Predator bot to play against as a Fireteam soldier soon - and I don’t care if the AI is braindead, I just want anything as far as a Predator bot goes.