Thanks a lot DC and WB! You've officially made me hate Batman (except Keaton)

Oh, how I long for the days when Batman was the world’s greatest detective and solved crimes committed by gangsters and overly-theatrical villains using some neat gadgets, his skills and his self-education on crime scene investigation.

Oh, how I loathe today, with Batman being the be all and end all of super beings, despite having no powers, a seemingly infinite amount of money to build more and more outlandish devices, robots, rocket ships and battle suits to use on his fellow Justice Leaguers. I loathe how a mere mortal, who ages normally, gets injured normally, has to eat, sleep, shit, exercise regularly and run a billion dollar company can also find time to defeat alien warlords. I loathe how a man, albeit a brilliant man, but still just a man, with a finite amount of brain power regardless of how clever he may be, can outsmart every single living being ever with a tiny, bite-sized gadget from his plot-armor belt.

I loathe how every single professional assassin, former Marine/vigilante, Hellspawn etc who go up against him somehow turn into imperial stormtroopers! He’s one regular, non-enhanced guy in spandex. He’s not Spiderman, with faster-than-human reflexes and spider sense.

I loathe how a wealthy detective in a bat costume is now somehow the universes biggest Mary-Sue. He now has a Justice-buster exo-suit, bigger than the Hulkbuster armor and he uses it against the Justice league. Somehow gods, kings, alien super beings, guys with magic rings that can literally do anything and the fastest man alive who can travel through time and space can’t beat one middle aged man. It’s patently ridiculous. I mean, any Lantern character could scoop him up from half a mile away in a bubble, suck all the air out of it, rendering him unconscious and fling him into the sun without lifting a finger (cough cough, Sinestro, where are you?)

It’s now impossible to enjoy Batman as a character because of these things. He’s been ruined by his owners. Turned into a bastardized version of basically every better character from both of the big 2, he’s just a cardboard cut-out of all other characters with a bat sticker slapped on them and a fetish for violence and little boys in tights (every Robin! You know it!)

How a character like Professor Zoom hasn’t run up to Batman and shot him in the mouth with a sawed off 12 gauge at lightning speed and just ended it is beyond me.

While the Dark Knight trilogy was good (not great), I’m able to pick it to bits very quickly. It takes no effort at all to dissect Bat-Fleck and the Schumacher abortions too.

Truly, the best versions of Bruce Wayne as Batman on film now are the 2 Micheal Keaton films and Batman TAS (Batman Beyond gets a pass cuz it’s in the future and a different main character). Adam West’s Batman is amusing and silly, but still holds a special place in the characters history.

The Arkham game series is worthy as well, though it does get more than a little ridiculous in games 2 and 4, but they’re still fun. And damn, the detective work!!! I love it.

Damn you, DC comics and damn you, Warner Brothers for ruining one of your best characters at nearly every turn. I hope Todd McFarlane somehow gets ahold of the publishing rights to him. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be any worse than what you’ve been doing for several years.

This is all to say nothing of the Batwoman show, the Titans show and Gotham which are all more depressing than a case of the crabs! But that’s another rant for another day.

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Haha. Nope. I made it clear that you’re (thats how that particular version of the word is spelled, in case you forgot) the bitch in this and any other scenario under the sun. You’ll basically be doing all of the work all of the time!😉 I see you don’t disagree with any of the rant though. Very good.

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Lmao seriously tho, what made you pissed at batman?

Have you been reading DC comics the last few years? The only good title has been Swamp Thing. That’s it. I get that Batman is a cash cow, but they’re milking him the way Marvel milks Spiderman and Deadpool. Except with Batman it’s worse because Spiderman is and has been kind of a sci-fi character. Lots of history there early on. And Deadpool is meant to be ridiculous. But Batman is the star of Detective comics. He’s completely detached from his purpose. It’s awful. It’s not like Iron Man where you could suspend disbelief a little more since he’s always got some nano-tech bs plot armor, but you expect that out of a less grounded character.

It seems DC and WB is intent on eventually making Batman the only character left in their roster, but they constantly make him worse by making him more and more invincible, but then denying it. It’s very aggravating. There are 100+ characters in DCs roster, but Batman has to be everywhere, kind of like Harley Quinn was a year or so ago.

On the WB side, they’re terrified to make new movies without Batman or at least eist a connection to him and a cameo of sorts. Even though Wonder Woman, Shazam and Aquaman (which I didn’t see, just going off of reviews from friends there) were all solid titles, so why is WB so afraid to leave him behind for a while? This new Batman is gonna be terrible. Its almost like they don’t like their own character, so they keep changing him. It’s lame.

Disney might buy DC and Warner Bros

Oh fuck.

Sorry Bud

At least all previous material still exists

It’s why I can’t get mad at what they’re doing with marvel/DC

Lots of great stuff I still haven’t read

Not to mention the all time greats

True. I stand by my statement of the good Batman titles. At least they’ll always be there. It’s nice that they’re so readily available now.

On the plus side

Dark Horse comics is making a game studio

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It appears that deal fell through for Disney. Apparently it’s why they bought FOX. Because Time Warner didn’t want to sell.

I haven’t read any of the new 52 or whatever

But I did pick up a first issue of batman rebirth in case it’s worth anything in the future

Independent comics is where it’s at for my tastes

Rebirth was better than new 52, but that ain’t saying much. The most interesting titles from New 52 were once again, Swamp Thing and Superman/Wonder Woman. Flashpoint was neat too, where you met Thomas Wayne’s Batman. One of the better Flash stories.

I’m a firm believer that the last great mega-story to come from DC was the War of Light/Blackest Night era. Geoff Johns at the top of his game. Most of what came after across the board were less than stellar rehashes and reboots.

The Red Lanterns series was an interesting look at that group too, outside of the main Green lantern story.

Dceased and it’s sequel were worthy elseworld stories akin to Marvel Zombies.

You might like those.

With all that said, I am eagerly looking forward to Superman '78 and Batman '89 in July, because Batman '66 was fun.

I liked batman '66

Premium aged cheddar

Wish they would do an animated series

I’m on the fence with DCeased as I don’t know if it delivers all the zombie gore that marvel dished out

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Tony Stark > Batman.

Atleast tony is falliable.
DC has a really hard time even making their “human heroes” not gods because everyone is godtier

Superman has kryptonite macguffin ofc but the only reason Flash ever loses anything is because he trips or something contrived.

Keaton was one of the worst batmans only because he wasn’t really batman at all. Keaton said himself all he did was wear the outfit, the only acting he did was as Bruce Wayne. He literally said ‘I just let the outfit do the acting’ and it worked lol

Much like Ledger being one of the worst Jokers because he’s… Definitely not Joker at all.

The issue isn’t the writers, it’s the fans. What are you buying into and how do you suppose that influences the market? Everyone’s just trying to ape Dark Knight Returns and it’s turned Batman into a stale chip with no flavor anymore.

Everyone wants a dark and brooding Batman so the rest of the details and important traits are thrown out the window.

Most of all though… the more seriously people take superheroes the worse and less entertaining theyre going to be. Bring back fun and entertainment, let Batman fucking dance you cowards!

Aww dude, i love the keaton batman era! I cannot wait for andy muschietti’s the flash to see keaton return, that teaser image has me excited. The blood also teases a darker film.