Thanks, SkooLBoY_SkePtiK!

I’m down to help as well

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A shoutout on their Twitter would be sufficient. 😄


Thank you!

Could you add in for FT to periodically turn around and check on team mates behind them and to you know… Shoot the Predator when they attack your team?

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I think they’d be embarrassed to do that as it would show up the fact that a player has developed a website with the necessary basic stat info that they should have on their official one.


Thank you!!

Maybe, but most games have dedicated wikis made by their community to show stuff the base game doesn’t show or tell the player base


Awesome job!!

@SkooLBoY_SkePtiK is one of the most important players in this game.

A true legend! 🍉


You make me sound like an unbeatable Sage.

I just like testing things and trying to understand how they work, and I enjoy math.

Also, I had a very helpful and insightful co-editor T-Analytic.


School boy definitely did a great job with that website. Haha Its hands down the best guide on the internet at the moment has been for quite awhile and I dont see that changing anytime soon. Its Definitely something to be proud of On his part. Big shout out and thanks to school boy for supporting this community and game in great professional ways definitely helps the game grow and stay healthy.

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Never said you were unbeatable ;)

I mean when it comes to stone cold data you’re the fucking man!

An integral part of this community for sure. Can’t thank you enough.

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Thanks, @Forever_Mello. I’m just happy that there’s still a community that can appreciate the website.


Very good guide! Thank you very much!

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Damn, 3 years ago now. I just tried the site and it looks like someone else has the domain.

I hope you have copies of the info somewhere. I’d sincerely appreciate the information on a video I wanna make soon.

You’ve always been a real one Skoolboy

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There’s a forum post on here somewhere that has all the stats.

I haven’t really played the game since it became clear that almost any decent fire team was going to use the fanatic exploit.


I’ve ran into too many decent fireteams that use it. They’re certainly skilled enough not to, but choose to do it anyway.

People have also been using bugged specs like support sniper, scout field medic, and assault leader.

What’s sad is that they are teams who could do without it, but bc it helps them get an easy win they stick with it.

It’s one thing to run fanatic, it’s another to use the exploit and go 1911 and bolty.

As a self-confessed exploiter, its honestly not that much fun to use compared to playing normal. It takes timing and patience to pull off most of the time, cuz you have to worry about other teammates who will run back and pick you up, alerting the Pred, or dealing with bots who’ll auto-revive you no matter where you do it. And its just boring to waste a Pred in less than three seconds. I run Hammerhead instead of Sawz, and I find myself either pot-shotting the Pred or SWing them and letting them escape just to extend the match.

Not that I NEED the exploit, mind you. I have almost 1000hrs of playing completely normal. I just like not having to worry about getting my skull cleaved in by the axe. Most of the time.

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I totally get it. I usually SW and get back yo mission just bc I know I can kill the goober if they let me wail on them that bad in the first place.

I don’t typically use the axe, but my philosophy has always been, “You have guns and shoot me, I have a gun and will shoot you back”.

Caster and axe are annoying but there bc FT out DPS’ predator by a Longshot. If illfonic really cared about the game, this would’ve been something they could’ve fixed.

Imo passive damage buffing specs shouldn’t have been given to ft. Sniper isn’t as bad, but Leader, Fanatic, Reckless, and Dualist didn’t need to be a part of the game in order for FT to win.

I been clapping pred cheeks since day 1 and if I didn’t need the handicap then, I don’t see why we needed it at all.

The game was unbalanced to begin with, but even if you’re a good player with good sportsmanship (making claims, not killing downed FT, 1v1 lms, avoid spamming with shoulder caster, etc.)
FT will still whine about how you managed to kill them even though you fought more than fairly. And will pull out all the stops in order to put you down.

It’s a combination of the mentality of players and the exploits available in the game. It’s competitive and people take it too seriously sometimes.

Video for clout ig

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Yeah. That’s the thing. It could be fun, challenging battles, but teams do it anyway for the LOLs.