That mission on excavation

The one that’s 100% in the caves, takes 2 1/2 minutes, and has the exfil 30 feet away. Just get rid of it. Seriously. Who the fuck designed this.


They should have implicated a map voting system while waiting to ready up.

God no are you kidding? We’d get excavation every map

Just add a time lock or a body double

How nobody likes that map lol also it’d be random 2 maps you pick from

Oh no…gamers never take advantage of game mechanics and map designs…

Ehh figures those sweaty nubs would ruin a match that way…

Like fucking honestly why even have a mission timer when ft can complete just about every mission in 3-5 minutes? Whoever is in charge of mission and map design might be a few cents short of a dollar because it’s caused a massive imbalance in gameplay.

No one really wants to melee rush ft. We want to stalk and HUNT them in the HUNT game mode in PREDATOR: HUNTING GROUNDS. Yet because of how missions were designed, you rarely have a chance to breathe as predator, and because of health/damage balancing, youre more likely to be hunted by ft than the other, proper way around.