That sound you hear outside your house

It’s me and @Durbs2001 and possibly @TheSenate or @TheAlmightyJim spinning up a minigun to blow up your secret store of condoms and explosives

“You are being rescued. Please do not resist.”

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Thought it was the sound of cheeks clapping


Sorry, I already clapped some cheeks earlier

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@TheAlmightyJim really likes me that is why you skipped me! I am the best!


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Who needs a minigun?

I do, you anus master

It’s alright Jim they already know we are besties you don’t have to hide it

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@Fire, you’ve been canned. I expect you to have your shit outta your office by morning.


No! No! You are my second best friend @Fire is my BEST friend!

Ill go ahead and tag @Fire cuz everyone else is and its funny to see him triggered

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Why thank you

Fak you bloody bitch

Can i eat him instead,sir? I have a tendancy to cannibalize unwanted friends. I’ll start with an arm.

Hah you want me in your mouth

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Yes like so.

That sound I hear are cats having sex…
That or a bunny being killed

In my experiecne with cats, that’s not nessecarily mutually exclusive.

Female cats are raped more than us humans… you dont see them bitching about it

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Well that’s… something.