The Answer is

The 16th or the 23rd, 4 hrs after the c0ck crows


Nope, but this might be just as good for some

Assuming they stick to their old schedule of tuesdays. They could drop it at anytime nowadays. There were a few updates that dropped on non-tuesdays too.

Who was that person that could magically see it unlisted before they actually made it public? @MassImpact124 was it you? I know @TheSenate was granted (emergency) powers that makes him part of Illfonic’s group but I don’t know what he can see or not see.

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True. It would be a cherry on top to stick with the old ways.

sometimes i…

Does it feel like a kick or like elation? Illfonic is an expert at delivering pain and pleasure alike.

@Fire we need your Tobey maguire pls

Edit: NOOO HES BANNED!! Don’t worry ill do it

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HOW IN THE WORLD DOES HE GETS SUSPENDED? Oh, illfonic makes a post about new content and they just casually make forum members banned?

Banned till April 11. Kinda harsh. We dont not even know who the new mod is. Rude

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There’s a new sheriff in town 👀

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best to lay low and stop with all the porn posts.

LOOOOL he’s sus’d. Poor boy. I figured they would start moderating this place again. As long as they don’t hire anyone along the lines of the famed feminazi Kass, we’re good.

@TheSenate, why has @Fire not created another account yet?

Diversity hire? LGBTQetc

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So here’s something interesting…Courier always posts the updates, right? Well I was checking the Moderator and Illfonic groups to see if there’s a new mod added, and there isn’t, however Courier made a post about 20mins ago, but its unlisted because I can’t find it under his recent activity. Soooooo…take that for what you will…

@MassImpact124 you see it, don’t you…I knowwww you do.

Bet. Watch our sense of humor go out the door yet again.

True. First few days should be interesting. How do you think the mod should approach this job as not to become like the inmates?