The crutch of Field Medic

If you have to run 4 Field Medics to beat someone, know that you’re wheeling along on training wheels. You’re not going to get better at the game that way. And those of you that gloat and flock about thinking you’re dominating the field as the infamous crutch team, let’s see you run a Team X build as Scouts with Rushdown and/or Duelist, and do what you do. Go ahead.
@Illfonic The passive damage reduction has gotta go, it does indeed stack and makes for bafflingly tanky FT members. Makes the game unfun for both sides.

Of course, the argument can be made that it’s the counter to plasma spamming. Well, you’re wrong. The counter to it is sniping the mask off, and with some practice, it can be done like second nature. Why expose yourself to more plasma fire as Field Medic to rez when you can make the caster practically useless by getting rid of its ability to aim?

And besides that, what the hell is so fun about sloshing around in a fuckin’ tank that’s near-invincible? Don’t you want fun? Or are you afraid of damage? Better yet, afraid of Predators?


FM in general needs a rework, it should be the opposite of what the last nerf did. It should give your teammates extra health when they get picked up, like at least 3/4 of their health back but either make it so it’s a second longer to revive than normal speed or just normal speed.

As for supports 20% damage reduction that should only apply to the support itself not the whole squad or make it so it’s 20-30% damage reduction from AI to the FT.


Doesn’t help that Dante has it and can toss a nade at his feet without consequence. You shouldn’t be able to take that as Dante. You should be insta-downed, no question. His legs and lower body would be either gone or ravaged to unrecognizable. But no, let’s have an asymmetrical game in which the 4 player team is fucking idiot proof.


I agree with you, now everyone say it, FM teams are pussies

Wait he can do that without penalty?

Dante takes like 30% less explosive dmg passively so he can literally throw grenades at himself and only take like 35 damage while the predator loses 40% of his hp

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I mean it’s not too bad if you’re using it to stay and try to kill the pred.
It’s really only a bitch move if your using to run to the chopper and rush the mission.

At least if it was to just to fight pred I could understand it.

But idk, for the whole time it’s been out I’ve never used feild medic lol.

But it wouldn’t be a problem if pred wasnt such a weak piece Of shit in this game.

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That’s just dumb.

Fervent hunter with down range don’t care 😅

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Winning, usually.
Idk why people expect otherwise out of online games.

That’s one helluva hollow victory. Nothing beats beating Doom Eternal on Ultra-Nightmare. Besides From Software games, those are so damn fun

If your having problems with Field Medics run Jungle Hunter/Hunter with Tactician - Perks: Down Range, Trapper and Large Pouch. Problem solved.

Most passive perks are trash in this game, they don’t make sense.

Scout should be a cokehead running through the jungle super fast without having to equip double time. He should have passive double time and dexterous.

Recon should be the stealthiest of them all. He should have passive lower body temp when crouched and be undetectable by the preds heat vision just like Spotter spec. He should also have 6th sense as passive.

OWLF should be the predator’s worst nightmare. I don’t want to sound bias because this is my fav class, but he should be the pred’s top enemy along with Dutch.

Get rid of all the damage boosters on both sides, and field medic should be like Dexterous speed and 75% health.