the current meta as predator

ok so since coming back ive noticed that theirs only a viable method of down range large pouch and the med kit thing for faster healing. as predator now the predator needs more things to make him viable not just these perks. i tried to run other perks and it was a big mistake using a none dlc pred i could not even heal quick enough with the ft chasing me down without the quick healing perk. safe to say i was forced to blow my bomb i had to switch back too the what seems to be the meta loadout that happened to me 2 games in a row till i switched back.

also predator needs more viable weapons than just combistick and the handheld plasma caster to stand a chance because vs a competent team you cant just melee your way in their without dying. also the predators that come with the game need to have the stats or close too the dlc ones i have noticed the dlc ones since i bought wolf mr black. wolf has speed mr black can jump higher it seems. the problem is half of the time when you jump you collide with fences or trees even if not next too it and stay where you was without leaving the area which leaves you as a sitting duck.

usually due to the fact the base predators with the game their actual jump height is too low compared to the dlc predators. another thing alot of predators perks are useless or should just be part of his base kit rather than perks giving him more of an edge considering how strong the ft actually is. i hope the devs are also paying attention or community manager to the issues raised on here bug issues discussions and the like for the upcoming patch or fixes

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Skill issue

do you just post this on every post? are you missing something up top? got nothing better to do? lol

No, im js pointed out that ur bad at game

bad at the game? im pointing out and explaining the current meta. ive seen you say it on other posts that have nothing to do with skill. you are a moron. lol

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Watch the second match of this video. The only “meta” things i was using were down range and pouch. Everything else was pure skill

from what i saw you was playing against potatoes. they didnt even look in the trees i skipped through the video. you was playing with them they wasnt strong fireteams from what i see lol. it was like playing with your food

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I said second match, stoopid

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Skill issue.

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