The elephant in the room. How exploits have ruined this game

There are specific things. Like plasma to combi. that is a noticable difference. You cant do that without it. Timing is crucial, and you can’t execute the combo flawlessly thats the main problem. Like this is some kind of zen thing, there is literally 0 to 25% chance you’ll execute it during combat successful.
So…like…you know. Not only in combat, but in a perfect match made PING situation where everyone is below 50 ms.

Thats why nobody uses it and its not vvery noticable.
If anything it needs a meter to gauge people’s visual senses in …otherwise its failure.

My conclusion: the most noticable advantage using Fast Hands is the Plastma Caster to Combistick combo. Not quite Bow to Combistick.

and the Slicing combo thing , i still haven’t figured that one out. Im kind of sccared someone did.


@Dexter’s Head:

What about this? Mr top tier predator, tell me how I do it without any macro? Also I dont see any insta bow and combi at the same time kinda thing right there.
Fireteam can switch weapons, hammerhead to 1911 and melt pred in 2 secs, predator can also switch weapons just like fireteam.


Sorry mate but nobody uses plasma to combi, why risk missing a combi when you can follow up fully charged plasma with normal plasma shots immediately? Even if you miss there is a good splash damage that will most certainly down any class with around 150hp.

I still check in from time to time. With popcorn. As I watch the flames crackle from a distance. I havent touched the game since I left. Its not worth arguing with all of you on the forums honestly.

The devs are the ones who need to be told what to do to make the game great. However like every fanbase none of us can agree on what is the definitive “this is what we should do” to send the devs way. Instead we bicker, and while I admit some of that bickering leads to wonderful ideas, rarely will anything but the easiest to impliment be taken into account.

I still dont blame @IllFonic. Im sure the publisher is really screwing all of us out of a great game and illfonics hands are tied. And I respect the hell out of them nonetheless for bringing us some form of predator content after the dry spell weve had these past few years. And for being the awesome people ive seen them to be in every interaction ive had with them.

Its just a shame that most games these days suffer this kinda bs. Cant have art when you are pointing a gun at the artists head and telling him what to do every step of the way. Its not the same.

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It has been proven by @Dexter and @Vargaresa that to do it systematically in the heat of battle (while running, jumping, being shot, etc) you either 1) use a macro ; 2) you’re some kind of unnatural being

Call it what you want, as Jelou said “bug” , “exploit”. IMO it ruins the game. Do you feel legitimated to use it because FT is overpowered? I think that’s power creep. Personally I don’t play that way and who knows me can confirm this. In fact, I’m not even that great as FT or Pred main.

The question remains about infinite mask and disc.

I just wish Illfonic would add global cooldown times on weapon/gear switching, this would solve the issue with skipping animations. For both the Predator and the Fireteam, FT can also skip animations when reloading etc.

Clearly prozi was just standing there and waiting with his combistick and bow ready:) You are accusing top preds of using macro, but over and over again people prove that you are wrong. Just accept the fact that there are better players, it is ok to lose 1/10 in pubs.
P.S If you are good enough, you can learn to switch between weapons during fights very easily.

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Nobody has proven anything man :D

Saying “I’m not using macros” is not a proof in my logic.

Must I tell you how many times it happened while the pred was running in circles o zig zag? Hundreds. Is this a proof or not? It has the same value as " I’m not using macros"

And all the silence about infinite mask and disc. When the exploit will be reproduced in a video (in fact that’s already possibile, ask @FromTheHood) somebody will say “it’s just a bug that everyone can use because FT is OP.” Actually, when yesterday it happened in a game, someone said "oh, it’s caused by my internet connection problems " LOL

And suddenly the insta weapon change goes from being a bug to being a “feature” that anyone can use … ROFLMAO

pure scrambling

p.s. I don’t give a damn about winning or losing. There are many exceptional preds out there that don’t use these “features” : Dentdesabre, Xenomorph, UK_Spawn, Riktig just to name a few… I’m happy to lose vs them. Oh, wait… maybe they are not “good enough”

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  1. I have never seen a predator grow back his mask, but if that’s possible pls share the video because I am hearing this for the first time from you guys.
  2. As I’ve said before disk should get destroyed when it gets destroyed, I agree and it must get fixed.
  3. Are you trying to say that everybody who switches between weapons(basically pressing 1,2,3 hotkeys just like ft) use macros?
    Are you also implying that I use macros?! Check the video I sent, there is no insta combo and bow at the same time, that is a bug. But, changing weapons with fast hands perk(increase weapon change speed perk) is cheating?
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Bro , this has been the debate for months . they’re not lying , just trust them 👍🏻 . Ted bundy also claimed innocence as long as he could.

And when I say “they” , I mean the ones that use and lie , the rest of the pc players im cool with . I dont see peoples platform used or judge them by what they use , you people are cool with me 👍🏻


I’ve never played against you while being in a full PC team
So I just switched weapons and attacked. It was about the same speed as in the video. I dont see the exploit to be honest. Of course its really fast. But you still have to hit lol. And with the perk fast hands (which I used in the gif) it should be like that imo.

It was the other way round, Bow to combi can be done that fast easily.
Combi to bow only if you are skipping an animation, for which you don’t need a macro.
But either way, like I already said, it is borderline fast, in my opinion the video of prozi is not significant proof for anything.
I wouldn’t say that Prozi was using something, I’ve never seen him doing anything suspicious. Others yes, but not Prozi.
I was also able to replicate it consistently without macros, and I am convinced that those russian preds would grind hard to get it done 10/10 times even in the heat of the battle.

but the video was bow to combi

first a bow shot then the combi that went through his body
or are you talking about a different scenario lol?

Isn’t it the other way round in this video?
First the Combi throw and then an uncharged shot from the bow, which leaves the blue trail.
Look at the Damage he took.
I can also do it as fast as Gesp did, if I use an Elder with Fast Hands.
If I want to do it faster than that, I need to skip one animation.

If you take into consideration that the combi stick flies a bit slower than the bow over distance, then it will even look a bit faster, but what prozi did in this video looks still legit for me.

If skipping animations is not considered cheating or even an exploit, cool, just don’t deny the use of it when it’s crystal clear.

It’s hilarious how some of us ft players have the balls to admit what we have done or use in game as far as exploits or macros, but not a single pred player has come clean about anything they do to get an advantage.

You know how many traps we destroy, but we still get trapped by them? That’s a bug that they sure don’t mind abusing.

Let’s start calling things for what they are without sugar-coating it because ft is op, or because the pred is supposed to be the star of the game.

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I disagree with you, let’s start in order
the first is fast attacks if these quick attacks can be done with the help of the perk on dexterous fingers, then this is not a bug, but quite the norm; secondly, in order to inflict all this damage, you still need to hit with a spear and a bow, which not everyone succeeds, so I see no reason for whining
secondly, about a mask that can be restored on a predator, this is the first time I hear about this, I would like to see evidence
but there is a thing with which I agree with you this thing is called a disk I agree that the disk needs to be fixed because when it breaks the predator can still pick it up this makes this weapon too imbib

Non of you use Fast Hands, so why try to justify it?