The future of Little Nightmares

The future is bright for Little Nightmares! So much to look forward to.

Bandai Namco hiring and wanting to make it a headline IP!

Supermassive games potentially taking over and making future games

A potential next gen upgrade for the first game

Mini figures from the first and second game

And the TV series is still coming (in development hell though)

I’m so excited to see where this franchise is headed. Fantastic games that I very much recommend you to play.


That game sucks, you suck, fak yu.

Lol it might be better off staying as an indie game tbh.

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That’s crossing the line >:(

Il fight ya.
Il fkn do it.

But seriously I dont have much faith in all the old big name companies now a days.

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This all sounds very promising can’t wait to see what comes next

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Fight me then sunshine! Oh if only club penguin was still knocking about. I would’ve whopped your ass at the ninja battles

There’s a lot to look forward to. Now let’s just hope we get DLC for the second game. I wanna play as the comic kids.

I’ve seen videos for this game. Looks intense! Is it only on PC?

Oh wait, disregard. I see it’s in the PS store for $19.99.

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All platforms. Definitely worth it. They’re very short though so keep that in mind. You can find the first game with all the DLC for £6 on sales most of the time. I highly recommend playing them both including the DLC.

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Club penguin?
Fkn christ.

Nah you fight me in 3rd strike, soul calibur 3, dbz tenkaichi, clash of ninja, melee, tekken 5 or capcom vs snk 2.

None of this lame ass club penguin shit.

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Marvel vs Capcom was always my favorite fighting game.

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Ew those are baby games. Real men play SpongeBob SquarePants Battle for Bikini Bottom Multiplayer. I’ll whoop your ass so hard on there. Tomorrow evening sunshine, be there or be square…like SpongeBob.

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what are these games about and are they puzzles?

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Puzzle, stealth and horror. They’re very short but they’ll leave you wanting more. No dialogue so you’ll have to piece the story together through the environments and actions of the characters. It’s all wrapped in mystery and that’s what makes it so good and the perspective is through a “dollhouse camera” as they call it. So you’ll mostly be moving left to right though the second game does get a bit more in depth. Best games to compare them to is Limbo and Inside.

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How would you compare the new one to the original? I was looking at it but not sure if I wanna drop the money on it if it doesn’t measure up

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A lot better. One of the main problems with the first was the depth perception and in this one they’ve fixed it plus expanded on all the things the first game did well. The environments are more in depth allowing you to explore them more, there is now combat in some sections (a bit finicky though), and an AI companion that is actually helpful. There’s also a few quality of life changes like being able to store keys in pockets. The game is also a bit longer. Overall I’d say it’s definitely worth it. I believe it’s also on sale right now too. It’s more of what made the first game so great plus more. And imo it’s a hell of a lot more creepier.

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No seriously I get you trying to be funny, but those are fkn lame.
This is lame.
I’m guessing your like 22 and that’s why you think those are good?

I’m mentioning real games.
But I guess you’re too scared.

Get that kid shit outa here.

Its aight not my fav or top honestly.
My fav for traditional fighting game is probably capcom vs snk 2.

Favorite over all is probably dbz budakai tenkaichi 2.

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