Im glad this show got made.
I’m only minutes into it, but the idea that something ‘other’ than a zombie movie is available to make us contemplate the idea of a other worldly monster through science is definitely a change for once.
We need another Alien type thing to push us into a new age of sci-fi.

The fungi trope is yet similiar to the spore in Alien universe and serves as a good vehicle as an nouveau monster that is a deformed version of a cannibal/zombie to set a new state of fear into us. Zombies being merely superstition at best.

Some of the narrative and dialogue is word for word in the first game…didn’t come off as cringy. The game isn’t cringy. So i suspect its more forward thinking of a story than anything out there on film these days.

Although one episode in, i wonder how far we get into the games story in this season and if there is more to the world we haven’t seen. There is definitely value if they written more scientific fiction into it like in the very first tv talk show scene.

The game is the game. I would rather they depict the major character beats and allow more of the universe unfold to make these monsters more of a revaluation of science and explore how revelations change societies and divides them into factions much like the fireflies in the last of us lore.

Nanoscopic sciences explore the exponential problems that affect chemicals and organic material.
Some might say AI is just that. But in the quantum realm of data.
Artificially created entities such as helpful things like creative Midjourney or chat gpt are kind of good, but when you account for how people use it in their everyday lifes, it could escape our grasps and make runaway pretenses for its direct usage. Its like when some one published the first dictionary, or thesaurus or encyclopedia britanica. What new complications might that pose for the value of intelligence when used for personal, financial or political gain?

Could ‘neo’ scifi predict the next 10 years of science fears?

The audio design could have been better though. Foley was kind of weak but i attribute this to some of the music selections…kind of 80s.

I dont understand the race swapping when the source material already exists its a literal blueprint for the film companies.


? you talking about Joels first born? brah, I thought wtf at first, but she died and was like…well Joel wasn’t really mexicano. Its a none issue i found mainly because they didn’t make it an issue.
If this a true tale of hard-sci-fi …they had better not have made it an issue. All genes included…this really should be a universal tale. Part ii has indicia that makes it a universal aspiration of man to over-come. im not wrong.

What is the point of making a movie from a movie game?
o wait mass can’t touch a console, I see now

Where’s the Bloodborne tv show? Cowards.

They get money for it. Dark times.

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sure, i don’t understand that shit. But my best guess its the money investment on “game as credible work of fiction”. Next thing you know Horizon Zero Dawn will get a treatment. Maybe COD…maybe even Deadspace…or Collista Proto. even …whatever.
Starting off with The LAst of Us is surely a good bet that they have surpasssed the Zombie genre and integrated worth while hard sci fi as a meaty contender for moneys.

Its a sure thing that Bruce Campbell had a running for his evil dead stuff with Sam Ram…as a Zombie Genre meets fantasy, but I think hard sci fi would beat it out.

Yeah , episode 3 just plummeted , total lgbtqxyz trash

dont you like the man on man machodream sandwich? Come give us a kish!
Never expected the ape sex from that little story bit in the game. Kind of eerie.

Made me want to give up the pepe for something more straight.

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I have nothing against it if thats what floats some peoples boats , but considering the turd that ruined part 2 of the game is writing the show ? He’s a woke clown .

They hinted bill might have been gay in the game , but it was subtle. He was pretty underused as well and basically got his pipe greased.

thanks for painting that picture for us.

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What is this game even about? I’ve heard of it but never really grabbed my interest since seemed like a tired zombie genre game

seriously you don’t know wtf this game is about? its only been out since PS3.

Nope never played it heard of it but never played

I’m telling ya, medieval zombies would SELLL!!! Hell, if they made an actual movie of the star wars Death Troopers book, that would sell too. I’ll say it again, zombies have become a boring cliche in their current setting. Remove them from the cityscape, or the modern era, and suddenly it becomes so much more entertaining.
Why do you think Pirates of the Carribean works so well? Sea zombies.

Its actually better than most zombie scenarios, its based on a real life fungal parasite , its basically uncharted but its the apocalypse of infected humans/zombies. The first game is really good i haven’t played the second one as I heard it was total trash . The first game was just released as a ps5 title and had a pretty big overhaul . Its worth playing

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There is a medieval zombie videogame getting released soon

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I saw that once, but to be honest, they are forgetable. They can become campy, when they do they just aren’t very interesting.

Dying light was a decent little game for what it was

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I know, blight survival looking hotttt

till the grind happened.
I also caught blight survival. Looks promising.

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