The List. Anti-Onion List

A long time ago in a Onion Field far far away.

Just so happen to be a old battle field, and in that Field only One Onion Grew and became the shit Talker Supreme! The Onion Baron of Slurs. Sir.Jerker of Tears. Thy Foul Onion Breathe.

I was once told there was a Large sum of Players who hate me.

Plz add to the list.

I shall start

@REYNOSO_FUA11 because I bring the worst out in him.

@Forever_Mello because I never have any Ammo

@ArtforBlood His Alpha was the First “official Alpha on the Grounds”

@P-willie2000 butt thirsty lover

@Finessology Debbie downer

@KayneLucard Samurai Brothers

@VENN7eance your dam Ninja Creed

@CCD_Wuffell Fire Cry make you angry

Fire cause I cant @ him!!!

@Kassinaillia for being New!

Okay plz add to this list of why you hate me!


Oh and @Plu

For being a sexy duck


@YautjaSymbiote The alien hater

Woah… What about me

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Welcome back @Thunder-Cats hope everything is going well with you

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Of course. Moving to a different state is a lot of work.

Ohh darn. Yes Deranged, Pew Pew master Blaster!



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You did Pew Pew me to death. But I pew pewed alot of players to death cause Pew Pew

You bought it

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I didn’t hate you until I wasn’t included on your list , I hope you stand on a bit of lego barefoot, you asshole .

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Take it up with ur Queen

I don’t hate you! I Hope you’re doing well, you son of a bitch!

Also on the topic of Ammo, thank you @TheSenate for this beauty!



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I wouldn’t say that

But yea

@I_BE_GOD would be considered an alien, as he gets triggered at every little thing

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Can I just ask you something?

Why are you a fuckwit?

If there are more people like you on this planet, then I do weep for humanity.
Also, apparently the only thing you can do (since you still don’t have the guts to fight me) is complain about me to randos (no offence to the rest of the people on this thread).

Can I ask u a question

Who raised u

My next video project 🧐🤔

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I have no queen.

Literally an orphan.

Dick move, bro.