The matchmaking is in great need of a rework

Empty lobbies where no new players ever join? Really?

I’ve wasted ~60 minutes because i’ve got 4 empty lobbies where no new players seem to be able to join, i’ve even tested to see if someone would join if i waited, i’ve waited up to 10 minutes, but nope! not a single new player joins.

Illfonic need to rework the matchmaking system and have it double check if there are going to be 4 Fireteam players joining the lobby before even thinking about taking in the Predator. And also refresh a lobby that is missing players, putting the incomplete lobby at highest priority.


They should make predator health lower when there are less players. Starting with just one person really has low chances to fulfill missions.

Me today:
Plays as FT like 10 matches: Every single one of my squad had 8yo noob screaming kids and got potato Predators.
Plays 1 match as Predator: Get a premade PC Death Squad.
Go figure…


Let’s not forget the countless amounts of “infinite connecting” loops you have to put up with and having to restart a FULL queue.

Sucks especially if you’re a Predator waiting the long wait times and doing that about 2 or 3 times in a row per day…

No one has the time to put up with a game that doesn’t work properly, people want to plug in and play.

Thought that’s what games were for :(

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Plug and play requires certain amounts of basic functionality this dev team seems incapable of implementing. Not even getting into the game play itself. But it’s predator so we keep coming back.

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They have pulled on a ton of people’s heartstrings regarding this ip.

They did the same thing with F13.

This happens to me EVERY FUCKING DAY.
And when I finally hit a full lobby, after HOURS waiting, comes the… (see next post)

And so, after waiting for 20, 30, 50 minutes, there are days when I find a full lobby.

And the fucking same thing happens to me.

Im a FT? Here, take these screaming kids and have fun.

Oh, youre a powerfull predator? So, take this fucking Discord Death Squad that moves like one and melts you in 3 seconds. Have fun.

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