The Most Disappointing/Sad Update Yet

Patch 2.36 has to be the most sad addition/change to this game I have ever seen in the 2 Years of playing. After 10+ months of some of the worst balance in a multiplayer game I have ever bore witness to you promised you’d be taking the extra time of working on this Update and delaying it by an additional month, what you have put out has not made a change to the foundations of this game and its atrocious META we have had to suffer with for the past year. All you have done is buff a single ranged weapon. This changes nothing. It does not affect the game in any meaningful way.

You haven’t even fixed major bugs & missing features. The Warpaints in the Predator Crate you LEGALLY PROMISED would be released to the Public by December of 2021 are still not out and we are in March of 2022. The Exiled’s Predlocks are still not in the game, people paid for that. And speaking of paid Content.

What the Hell is Wolf. How did you do this. His model is probably more unfinished than even the Super Predators were. His face is wrong. There’s no netting on him. He doesn’t even have a unique skin pattern listed. All of his other skin patterns are glitched and mesh with his armor. His armor is using Captured’s textures and is way too bright. His mask doesn’t react to lighting at all and appears pitch black at times, and also is modelled wrong too. At the very least you remembered to include unique Predlocks this time and they’re seemingly not glitching out like Black’s were so hey, Predlocks guy earned a pay check I guess. You didn’t even bother to give him any unique weapon or even a gear item like EVERY OTHER DLC. No Plasma Pistol Skin. No Shurikens, which we know are in the Files, not even Laser Tripmines which BTW you haven’t added a new Gear item in like 9 months FYI.

This is the shit that breaks people. 3 months after promises of big balance changes and quality content and you release this. I basically paid £3 for a Mask I wanted for my Scout since Launch and better Predlocks, because the character sure as hell ain’t worth it despite being possibly THE most requested character for the game aside from Scarface which I dread to think of what you’d do to him at this point. I mean seriously, Wolf is a Scout with Zerk tier Stamina and no Bullet Resistance. Who codes this stuff, who decides these stats. This is why we can’t have nice things.

I worked in game dev, I know shit can be rough, I know development can be hard. This is why I spent 2 years defending you guys and taking shit from everyone else for it, I let many things slide that I personally know from first hand experience would have gotten you fired at any other company because I thought the game was fun and had potential and I knew you were a small studio. But you have been on this game for 2 years and you have people, LOYAL people, who have been playing from the BETA, who pre-ordered and were here since Midnight launch of the game telling you over & over everything wrong with how this game plays from its atrocious balancing & buggy systems and you have learnt nothing in those two years. There has been no meaningful changes in those two years. We have to practically force you to even look at weapons because half of you don’t even play the game and those that do aren’t even good at it, OKH didn’t even know that Predator bodies stayed on the map if they Disconnect. HOW? He helped develop the game!

I’m not gonna sit here and ask for my money back, I honestly can’t even be arsed and it was £3 I’ve bought pizzas more expensive. But it was Wolf. And it was an update you took 3 months to put out. And it was nothing. I’m sorry, under no circumstance is this output acceptable, at all. And even optimistic players who would defend you from everyone else are just now sick & tired of this. Fix your game, balance this game for the love of god, make sure a model is actually FUNCTIONAL and feature complete before you sell it.

I’m going back to Elden Ring, this is just too much of a pain in the ass to keep up with. I was there for your Beta, I was there at Launch, I’ve literally bought every single DLC and probably spent something close to £210 on your game in total. What you have provided thus far is not adequate service and today was pretty insulting. I know as a Former Dev myself that people deserve better and you should do better.

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EXACTLY. That’s why I’m just done with the game now. Glad elden ring came out, I bought all the predator dlcs and hoped the game would eventually get a good game mode and be fixed but after seeing this update and how bad they did I have no hope for it anymore.


Such a Tragedy eh…?

I tooked a break for 3-5 month in 2021, but when i came back, nothing changed. It’s really says a lot about updates

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Read what Xeno wrote, read it again and again,
print it out and hand it out, read it.

…who knows, ?
maybe 2.37 will come today

do you think that illfonic has a PR department?
…or anyone who can see what the company looks like?

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Well when you’re right, you’re right. Honestly what disappoints me the most is the fact that wolf didn’t come with any gadget or weapon and we were still charged the same amount as every other dlc. It’s also upsetting how this is the only solo predator game we’ve gotten in a looooong time and we probably won’t see another for a loooong time.


Preach brother

I remember people were talking about refunding the game, are they stil doing that? I’d so love wl lthe money I put into this game thinking it’d become better…😔😒


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these Ip’s are cursed. they can never get a good game release

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I took a break from Star Wars The Old Republic MMO for 12-13 months, thinking BioWare will at least fix some minor bugs, like missing titles from achievements if nothing else.

Guess what, I came back and literally everything was the same + new bugs.

We’re talking about the most expensive MMO in history of MMO’s, EA earned over 1B from that game alone and they literally don’t give a shit about their players. They have the means and budget to fix whatever, they just don’t care.

As much as I love Predator / Alien franchise, I’m sad to see this game going the same route as SW:TOR, quick money grabs with minimal effort.

They have every bug documented, explained how it’s triggered, what’s causing it, what workaround works in order to solve it and we still haven’t seen a single fix. Documented bugs and the whole list was sent directly to Illfonic months ago.

I just hope someone at Illfonic actually saw the list and is working on those bug’s, cause the game is in a poor state atm and it’s been like that for some time.

What good are your fixed shaders, when Dutch 87 in certain situation can just decide not to work anymore and all you can do when the bug occurs is move and get killed?

This ain’t no space barbie, visual bugs are minor problem in this game.

OMG you’re so right…and agree with you 100%
And here I thought Battlefield 2042 was sad…

I mean where do I even start?

I could start with how every time I’d equip stuff / make a custom Loadout with the '87 Predator, it’d be reset. And how their Community Manager, Charles Bathel would assure me their dev team, their Q&A Team would be working on it / are working on it. And after 8 months no reply back, then magically it worked. (the whole issue took over 8 months, 6 back n forth, and then 2 months or so it randomly got fixed. Then after that I had another issue, and was talking to him on Reddit for over 2 months, and never heard back, even after I sent so many videos, screenshots, etc).

Or speaking of the '87 Predator, how the Captured Predator is exactly like the '87 Pred…minus the bone necklace. Which kinda makes me mad. Especially when Illfonic made a huge deal about Savini Jason in F13 (being for backers of the game).

Or NVG, how it’s just God awful. Even Ready Or Not has better NVG…

Or lack of Fireteam customization… Yeah, they added Nolan. But that’s at lvl 250 (tho I’ve been told that these items locked behind lvl caps like Pred Trophies CAN BE obtained via Field Lockers). Heck, they could easily add the Spartan Helmet back in.

Speaking of Field Lockers, the RNG is just a joke. I was told by so many ppl (many who were very toxic on both Reddit and Here) that RNG was fixed (at the time). And at the time I had spent roughly 100K and got 4 exotic and 2 mythic items…all duplicates… Even tho things like Predator Skins and colors are still locked. So not only is the RNG not good, I can’t even unlock something that is still locked (actually, I very rarely get any Predator things…it’s always gun / knife skins). Well…not unless i spend that Veritanium. I noticed, even after people said it had gotten better…that around every 50K spent, there’d be 2 exotic and 1 mythic items… Either way, it’s a joke. Wouldn’t be so bad if I actually unlocked something I hadn’t unlocked it. But between bad RNG and always getting dupes…

And what about loadouts? We need more slots…especially if they keep relasing packs.

And the packs…why do the 2 newer ones look SO bad? They look anorexic.

Here’s a personal pet peeve of mine… The AI. Well, one if they can add AI to Fireteam idk why they can’t to Predator (I tired that same argument for GR Breakpoint and Golem Raids). Even thay aside…why can’t I disable them without losing XP?! They’re kinda dumb (least they revive unlike BF2042), and if in grinding for Weekly Missions, they’re an annoyance… As they take all the kills.

I also don’t know why they can’t add Predalien… I mean if its copyright… Yeah, but they even use the term “Xenomorph” in Wolf’s description. So, I don’t see an issue… (Then again I was similarly told that Ubisoft removed the Predator mission in Wildlands because of copying disputes and such, yet still sold the Predator cosmetic pack).
IDK, I can get it being copyright, but they’re not only using the term (which I thought was trademarked or copyrighted) but Wolf as well… Then again I’m not a huge Copyright / Trademark kind of person.

Oh, and as for cosmetics, anyone else think it’s bull that you buy a DLC Pack, but can’t get any of the skins for it? (yet in older ones, some aspects like Predlocks and skins had colors uncooked, least for me). But I have to spend in game currency to get the skins, masks, etc? Usually I only get the default one, and only that exact one. Plus not to mention, like you mentioned about the Wolf Pred (and others) default skins aren’t correct.

And I’ll say it again. . . The lack of love for Fireteam is just sad.

And there’s just SO much more… Wether it’s PlayStation, or PC… And communication… Don’t get me started on that. It’s a joke. They are more invested in that Osmosis Jones BR game (I care so little I don’t even remember the name of the game) than anything else. They haven’t even release a roadmap… So God only knows if that’s it for this game…

Least that’s how I feel. If some don’t agree, that’s fine. But there is alot wrong with this game.
(Then again, any gane has its fanbase of fanboys who’ll defend anything / everything).

Imagine stopping your Elden Ring run to play PHG lol

join frozen lake fight clubs.
we have pvp variety.
PHG has 5 weps.

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As a person who always looked up on the brighter side, I know Illfonic is a small team. I’m just hoping there’s a very small group working on stuff and they’re pushing out these small updates for now until they can release a big update with the fixes in mind. But as it is right now, I’m not that hopeful. Two years? Barely any fixes? That’s just laziness. Illfonic needs to stop worrying about making new games and focus on working on the ones they have. They’re too worried about making new IPs rather than just working on the stuff they have. They’re not giving themselves enough time to work on the games they have, their team is way too small to develop games and work on past games. PHG is dying, because they keep worrying about new IPs rather than previous games- as I said.

Let’s just hope stuff turns around for the better. Times are grim, but I’m hoping something happens in the future.

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Old thread, but I get what you’re saying.

That’s why I started playing DBZ lol or the DBZ Kakorot game, it’s really fun 🤩

If they cant add a skin or a mask properly, what do you think would happen if they dropped anything considerably large? The game would implode


it would exactly. What just upsets me about modern video game dev companies, is they would rather have more money than an actual supportive customer fan-base. Illfonic is no exception. They quite obviously just released the game for a cash grab, and that upsets me because the game legitimately has so much potential that they are straight up ignoring.

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