The Nav’i Huntress Build (Avatar)

Narrator Voice by Ziggy & Written Lore / Script by QueenBeast & yours truly.

The Nav’i Huntress Lore:
“The Yautja huntress originally came to Pandora to Hunt, over time her skin grew blue do to the unique atmosphere that funny enough they can breath.

The Nav’i people would grow to fear the creature known as “Kawnomum Taronyu” or unknown hunter. The Sky people called it the “Ghost huntress”. Believing it to be a new enemy that defies Eywa will hence why wild life would be found defiled as well as Nav’i bodies skinned and hung in the trees and heads on piles as a warning that they were in her hunting grounds.

When the Sky People caught wind of said Ghost, they were met with the same force believing it to be a actual Nav’i not another creature despite the “familiar” habit. This ultimately had tensions grow further between the Nav’i people and humanity.

Eventually one day a Brave Nav’i wished to honorably duel the Ghost Huntress believing her to be a great asset to the war brewing between the Humans & the Nav’i. To which they won, however the Huntress would only fight during wars and not be considered a ally. It was a decision between lesser evils that the Nav’i and area had no choice but to allow.

Despite there being only the Huntress Nav’i & Human Huntress, there have even been reports of another just like this Yautja….but bigger & faster…far deadlier then her….”

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