The Next Predator Video Game

Hey all! It’s no secret that the player base in Predator Hunting Grounds is unhappy with the current state of the game and the unknown direction that it’s headed. Seems like there’s a lot of questions and not many answers. 😕

So what’s the next Predator game going to be? Has anyone heard who’s developing it and what we can expect? Will it be the same type of 1 vs 4 formula that Illfonic created or something totally new?

What do you hope to see from the next game that has the Predator taking center stage?


I’m enjoying HG and hope to see something new in it,

but my dream would be a “open world/map” game, with your hunter growing in ranks and getting more gears, armours etc taking trophies.
But it’s something that would need a big budget, sooo…

Btw on when and by who a new game would be developed I really don’t know,
I really can’t image any specific developer, or the project being done in recent times.
It’s more plausible an AvP maybe in my opinion.

Anyway as I said, having fun with HG for now.


After this, there likely won’t be a dedicated one for a long time. Companies will look here and say ‘wow doesn’t look like predator draws much praise anymore’ and just make a predator character in a fighting game or fortnite again. The ghost recon predator mission was really cool though.



I would be happy for a dayz style game. With a pred somewhere out there in the trees.


TBH I’m enjoying Predator Hunting Grounds,I’m getting alot of disconnections for the last three days.
With that said I, wouldn’t mind an AVP 2 2000 remaster on all platforms or 2010
I think it’s pretty difficult for some developers to make a single player experience for the Predator though, I wouldn’t mind if they tried

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AvP 2010 remastered This would be successful again remastered! huh!
That’s what I’d like you to bring Remastered to PS4.

Something similar to Tell Tale Games:

As the name of the title suggest, I was thinking what if we got a Predator Tell Tale story? With the likes of “The Walking Dead” & “Batman” being the main inspiration of this idea along with “Detroit Become Human”. All of these titles were amazing in the form of story telling, so why not strike good that no one has dared to venture…that being the Predator Franchise. If I were head of this project, my ideas would be:

1.) The option to be either a Female or Male Yautja (each option holds different outcomes and conversations)

2.) Have the story be told from the player playing a Yautja & Human Mercenary. (Similar to how AVP games or Detroit Becomes Human did their transitions of different perspectives)

3.) Have the chapters be your Yautja & Human climbing the ranks of their society only for both characters to finally meet for a epic showdown.

4.) Have the option to become a Bad Blood, similar to how games that allow good or bad choices, here with enough dishonorable points will leave the Predator to turn into a Bad Blood which would spark a whole new story line compared to what was originally set. With your human character, with enough dishonorable actions will have him kicked out of a Predator Hunting Company to fend for themselves.

5.) For the human playable character, have their history serving in the military of your choice of background and just like Dutch & Dante being the lone surviver who managed to kill a Predator. This would spark a story line as they would be brought into a hospital for recovery, to then be approached by Dutch himself where he will conduct a interview to see what makes you so special to have you join his team.

6.) Equipment will be key, For the Predator you will have a limited space of Weapons to equip smilies to the Hunting Grounds. This will effect if you want to be a guns ablazing warrior or a stealthy hunter, with each chapter completed not only will your characters become older and wiser but you’ll have different options of Armor, Masks, and Weapons.

7.) The main base of operation will not only be a ship, but a ship that has your room filled with weapons, trophies, and personal items that’ll signify achievements through the game.

8.) The options will be tuff for you will be force to make hard decisions, these decisions will come to haunt you and affect you for better or worse. This is a game based on your personal and logical decision making. So…choose wisely.

Officially Playstation is the home of the Predator games ,we do got the trophies

My prime predator’s game would be a open world like game (similar to fallen order system) this would include more predator world and explore as we finally get to see a cool futuristic city where technology is enhanced yet still basic in a sense because they focus more on weapons and gear for there hunting. I want 2 characters where I can see to like or a chance to see what can make a predator fun and what makes it horrible. Lastly I want a good combat system where I can feel my self never loosing interest. I think there should be a batman like stealth aspect to it for the stealth parts of the game, the prey will get more and more scared as people get killed or see the predator. I think there should be a rpg aspect to it as well as gear should drop and weapons. The more you rank up in the systems the better gear, utilities, and skills. I hope to see a game like this and to see them add there own flare, a game like this would take lots of money so I would like to see a big company that has a good rep for making good open world games. Maybe like suckerpunch, maybe even respawn and more. Cant wait for a game like this but I want see others opinions on this!


If there is a Predator game in development I hope we’ll get to go off planet and trophy hunt.

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It isn’t.

For the next 5 years it’ll just be an arcade game at your local dave n busters within a realm of obscurity, skyrim mods, or a cameo in a MK fighter.
As much as people dream about Rockstar making a million dollar budget open world pred game or something.
Making games is “expensive” now with all the bad talent around and no one’s going to dip their feet into anything that isn’t a safe fps battle royale, battlepass, FOTM game etc because games are made by shareholders.

We arent getting a proper avp either since the last one flopped. AvP is from quake era and the quake era is gone, i’d be surprised if it even gets a next gen remaster since its been gone since ps3 lol. They don’t even see any value in porting it over.
Your new AvP game is fortnite crossovers.

IF they stick to the initial plan they’ll be golden.

Correct answer or even a steam/GOG release for AvP2 but its in legal hell because of the modded engine & liquidation of Monolith and will remain there until the end of time.

Sadly you might be right. At least for a long time.

Btw, the Skyrim mod is great imho,
(and I really don’t like Skyrim usually)

recommended for every Predator fan.

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Ah that’s horrible

AvP2 with steam workshop support would be a dream ):

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I really don’t understand why? I don’t own a PC. I do have a laptop ,can you even buy the game ?

I love skyrim, and I’ve played the Predator mode somewhat.

its only available for free off their forums so it goes unnoticed. The master server code is owned by the community though