The Nomad Clan Clash Against Sweaty Over Confident Team! (Twitch Stream Highlight) (Rage Quit)

We are back in Predator Hunting Grounds! Well more just showing off Stream Highlights from the Predator Hunting Grounds 4 Year Anniversary stream I held. Ran into a group of Clash Players who were also streamers, boasting and wanting to gift a free copy of the game, if my team could beat them…and oh boy did we, shout out to the viewer ​⁠RexRider who helped 😂😈. Regardless I had fun and hope he doesn’t hold a grudge and I’ll see you all in the next video^^

@cicada.bait you may have missed out on our match together, but here’s one before the one we had which gives alittle context lol

Why is the Scout holding a grenade launcher?

No reason, best PNG image I could find in a short time to make the thumbnail.