The on-map marking of Bravo (blue) player needs to be slightly brighter

The on map marker of the blue player is too dark to be easily identified at a quick glance. It should be a brighter shade of blue in order to make it more identifiable quickly.

This is still necessary. It’s annoying marking something as blue because you know most of the time your team won’t even see it.

I can see it clearly after I turned up the brightness of my screen and game.

Adjust the gamma on your screen…

It’s not about “change your settings”, it’s about “how about to make that useful from the start so people can play comfortably without changing default settings”?

The comment of OP has a point - blue marks in game are really worse-visible than other colours. And devs could change that in not-so-huge-amount-of-clicks in next patch (if we will see that “next patch” somewhen), 'cause the game really has a number of annoying bugs to be fixed.

That’s non sense.
In that case, it wouldn’t be necessary settings so people can choose and adapt to their own experience.
I have the game on PS4 and PC.
On ps4 i have to adjust the gamma setting to see better playinf on my TV.
On my PC i don’t have to adjust anything cause i can see the blue marker perfectly.

Settings AREN’T necessary. Could you read my previous message again to get the point? Please?

Or maybe could you read the OP’s message at least to understand that he’s writing not about just HIS problem instead of giving him advice about solving “HIS” problem?

There is only one thing in the game that is too dark, the on-map blue marks. The entire jungle shouldn’t have to be made too bright to fix one thing that is too dark.

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I’m gonna be honest, Blue FT Marks is kinda easily seeable, and that’s not even with Gamma. And @moralez is right because I believe that no one plays with Default Gamma Settings. The game’s too dark with that, especially in the Menus. It’s like how almost no one plays with Default Sensitivity Settings. It’s meant to be changed to your liking and how you see fit.

If you are genuinely having problems seeing something like that, then change the settings that are available to you or get glasses?

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Settings aren’t necessary??
So you’re assuming everyone has the same TV’s, monitors? Or that they have the same quality?
Jebus… Is that really too hard for you to understand that what is difficult for you to see on your TV/monitor couldn’t be for someone else. That’s what setting are for!! To adjust for everyone individual likes.

Well, that’s the really the SAME i meant when i asked you to read again the OP message)))

I don’t have a problem seeing it, it’s just not as bright as the other colors and it could be made slightly more visible with a simple fix. All other colors are much brighter against the map background and I think that the blue should be a slightly brighter shade of blue to stand out as much as the other colors do.

I will agree with the op. And others.

The color is hard to see.

If your team is having a hard time seeing it then give it a call out as well.

If your solo dolo then welp ur solo dolo and have to come to terms that not everyone uses game chat so you just hve to deal with it

Well, actually, the more better and actually easier option can be here. Just switch the colour between Bravo and Echo. We’re talking here about contrast, not about the brightness, so the red marker can be more visible because of its contrast.

Or maybe the red colour even can be a better option that orange)

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Red colour is for AI.

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Idk man, my monitor is calibrated so I don’t have that issue.

But I have noticed that some people turn up the gamma way too much.

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Is that A RULE? Devs can’t switch colours because of some rule like “Red colour is always for AI”? The game will be crashed if someone will switch that colours?

Yeah sure. Devs are gonna change some colours in the game because of one daltonic guy who is too dumb to change his game settings.

Oh, how many tries to be offensive here in just one message instead of any constructive answer. THAT’S really pathetic. Get a job please, maybe then you will spend your time better than wasting it trying to unsult strangers in internet.


I’m not offensive. I’m just making a statement based on the obvious.
You are reluctant to change your settings but yet you want the devs to change the root of a game.
If that’s not pathetic, nothing is.
Get real.