The Other Games Thread

What other games do you all play now that your done with fireteam: hunting grounds?

I’m playing modern warfare 2, aliens fireteam elite, team fortress 2, and the occasional Roblox because not all those games are meant for kids (mowing down zombies with flamethrowers and m60s is fun)

And also just a place to discuss other games

I still play predator hunting grounds on occasion but I’ve been playing elden ring on new game plus and I’ve been finding items, spells, & weapons I have missed on my first playthrough.

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Friday the 13th the Game but all my progress was stripped so can’t do shit on it.

Dead By Daylight

Saints Row the Third remastered is an absolute Gem aswell.

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Typical illfonic

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Illfonic new slogan be like:
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Is dead by daylight any good?

I’ve seen like 1 video of it as the killer and didn’t really know what to think

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And if your still into Friday the 13th I would suggest this guy, he’s fun to watch

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Y’all know you can catch me on SWBF2

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Still play PHG, occasionally. Dead by Daylight, MW2: DMZ, Battlefield 2042, NFS: Heat, and Monster Hunter World.

DBD mostly as well as a few single player games.

For honor, tf2,Friday the 13th,dead by daylight,god of war ragnorak,sea of thieves,blade and sorcery,and ark

Yeah DBD is pretty good
Its hard and involves a lot of levelling up characters etc but it is still good and fun to play.

I hate to say this but most other games are just lame because they do not encompass some form of world building around a protagonist that you care about.

that is all.
Play Horizon Forbidden west or even assasins creed valhalla and both will quench your thrist for world building but will eventually bore you to death. Granted it would take a good year to get bore of it.
I’m looking into certain “city sim” type games but they are pretty much living in the past.
i’m not much down with sports games…
or “be the killer” type shit which everyone here is screaming about.
Games are being beaten to death until a Remaster comes about.
I guess I might try The Last of Us remastered eventually. Or Calliso Protocal eventually. but i’m not in any rush.

Need for Speed: The Run is pretty good but once you mastered it once, the sequels are just fapp. If you’re fapp for that stuff by all means head down that path.

Cloudpunk is goo but turns lame now and again but i’m hoping Navalis will give some Restaurant City vibes because otherwise, gaming needs some interesting world building.

Both in the addictive grind for coin aspect of it, or grind to find story elements. These days, thats hard to come by. HZD is pushing that at least.

EvilDead is TOO Flaky and casual for my taste. Its visually cool and has potential but no substance is still no substance.

I do like OST for games. IXION is a good example of soundtrack excelling past its game.

Path of titans, dilo gang

Well, tf2 on occasion. Still replay the prototype games from time-to-time, but the main one I’m on now is the mass effect series. I may consider purchasing halo soon. And, of course, dead by daylight where I’m one of 2 demo mains in existence. A bit of deep rock galactic still from time to time.

Buy it you little shit
It’s very good for quelling psychopathic thoughts when you equip an ebony mori

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