The pig delema

We should be able to sabotage or taint the pigs. Since the pred can have an unlimited health benefit nd the fire team gets limited health.
As the fireteam we should be able to kill nd get the pigs to put a bomb, poison or just render the pigs useless for nd to the pred. I think that’ll help the fireteam out just alittle bit.



FT doesn’t have limited health, get yo asses around the map for medkits and crates


Ugh hello…the lred can blow up and destroy our medical supplies.

Also forever how long the pred has played most know where everything is so again…fireteam should be able to sabotage the preds medical supplies too. It’s only fair.

Put laxatives in the boar carcasses so the Predator will be leaving more traces than glowing green blood.


Hell why don’t the Predator just let himself get killed or captured? I mean how easy do you want to make this? They nerfed his plasma caster (use to be one shot) You can parry his attacks that STUNS HIM WHILE YOUR TEAM OPENS FIRE ON HIM, you can hear him and can see his shitty camouflage! Gosh STFU and just git gud


Better get to them in time then

How…… would that even work, just go chase him when he’s injured and shoot him while he heals, it wastes the medkit

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Tfw when trash preds find an infinite pig farm spot, filled with dozens of pigs that just keep popping up like it’s breeding season in that one particular area. I hated it when annoying type of preds find those and they just raid down plasma cannon the whole match, and it doesn’t matter if you damage them because they’ll just fuck off into the jungle and heal up at that pig farm.

Are you saying that they didn’t nerf the female Predators?

I agree. Pigs pop too much. We had a Viking who used 2 syringes and ate 9 pigs before we killed him. He was rocking an axe ofc.

And the FT can take control over boar spawn areas to cock block the Predators from eating them, also make them despawn. But this is something that 99% of the Fireteam players wont be able to understand because they’re just random casual players who queues up alone so they can’t have a coordinated teamwork going. Either that or the brain capacity wont let them to learn game mechanics. xD


Taint the pigs? You sick fuck


You be fucking nice.

Sounds like kermit.

It’s been mentioned before.
But no. Ft already has enough advantage.

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Here we go again
It surprises me how many new people come to the forums and don’t even look at old threads

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Make me! Lol 😂