OLD PEOPLE live in the island of their minds. They don’t care that they play with or have grown up children, they only care that they fend for themselves now.

Police(a small demographic) will incarcerate anyone willing to pay a fine, so they scour the hotspots and if you’re found in those hot spots you get the “goodcop/badcop” interview until you break. well wake up! These people are called the “minor platform demographic”. What platform that maybe, well thats up for you to figure out!

Communism is all about the jungle politics. you aim to be amongst the tribe then be prepared to paydue the dew with the tribe til the point where your sacrifice provides for everyone! This was the initial thought of Ifflonic in PHG. Just bottle everyone up in the same room and see what happens! PS/STEAM/epic and see what happens!
Farmers are still dealing with complexity. Using 13 possible physical buttons to deal with a problem.
Cyberpeople are using computers for everyday life! They’ll use 66, 72, or 88 keys to fix a problem easily.
This is the playfield!

You people here know all about this because you experienced this. Congrats youre part of a scientific experiment! You’re a culture cell!

Do you understand the implications altogether or do you still just live in the hungle? Well WAKE UP! You’re a science experiment~!