The predator was at Wal mart last night

These ppl are just misunderstood ๐Ÿ˜•

LOL, thats a dude dressed up to be aunti kamshat.

Letโ€™s get serious here he was just trying to look out for a 13yr old girl donโ€™t acknowledge the fact he said he wanted to fuck a 3-5 year old you bigot this man is much more trustworthy than the average lol

do i have to rewatch it to figure out what you just said? isnโ€™t it the other way around?

Well youโ€™d have to watch til the end to pick up wit I was puttin down. At the end they read his txt messages

thats wherre i messed up LOL !!

Is this teasing the next update?


It is actually