The Predators 2010 Film, didn't anyone notice

That Trejo’s character after he was killed was held upright and was making bait calls to the team.
Did anyone ever imagine what would have happened if the trap was successful, what would happen?

Would it be a bomb? a giant net that came down? A giant net that scooped them up?

I think it would be an interesting new mechanic in the game if you could setup team member bodies to be traps. but that could be a bit much, no? a bit too masichistic?

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If I remember correctly it was some manner of bear trap they’d walk into.

I do think it’d be cool to have a trap mechanic like that but for now it should probably be a bit simpler since Predators moving about are easy to spot when cloaked and the more people see this the easier it will be to avoid a trap.


We literally saw what would have Happened. We saw the trap go off when Royce threw a rock toward him


Predator needs a signal jammer to make UAVs and mini map unusable

I think there was a predator nearby waiting to disembowel whoever tried to help him

Correct. Just scrubbed through the film again.

Now i wonder where the device is located on the body that makes the mimicry?
Should have been shoved in the mouth or something?
I think it should take about as much time to setup as doing a long claim and done while the player is downed.
Setup the body in a crouching position. The only thing to give him away maybe is that his face is dead or small drops of blood.

Unfortunately something like the health level of a player would give it away. Maybe there should be a hardcore mode where players don’t see health bars, only Online status?

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I think the predator was just using vocal mimicry from the trees while the body was there set up. I mean at least I’d imagine so haha but who knows

But I like the hardcore game mode idea

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Ya that would be cool a Pred downs someone and can set up a trap like a claim separate option then, when FT gets close to the down FT, he…explodes! and downs the FT trying to revive him lol

Bear trap

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Party chat would ruin that

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good point. fark can’t get away from this exploit.