The problem with noobs continued

Yeah, a rat’s motivation is instinctive. It might be harder to reproduce in humans. But, it’s an additional variable considering they neurons can regen by diverting path to undamaged part of the spinal chord.

That is one part yes. But what I meant more is that our system is bigger and more complicated and harder to fix than a rats :)

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You should check out a Youtuber called Sangi St. He’s a guy from Lithuania thats living in my country. He’s also suffered from a spinal cord injury and he’s got a device that attaches to his wheelchair that allows him to travel over 30kmph!! Its an amazing device, I’ve even seen him overtake cars with it!! Unfortunately he’s been getting harassed by gangsters called the Easdale Brothers, they are blocking him from going on their trains and buses, they’re complete ableist idiots.


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