The problem with noobs continued

Since Mother Moderata closed the og one (prob because it belonged in off topic) i redo it here IN off topic

Anyways couldn’t you just disable the nerves in specific parts of your body to eliminate the pain @CrippledIcarus ?

he’d actually just go to therapy for desensitization but apparently he’s playing games at 10/10 screaming shooting pains just in static sitting so who knows its anyone’s guess

You’re a whore. :D

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That’s his problem i guess

You can cut the spinal cord yes and the pain is gone, but you ditch the hope of ever fixing yourself if a cure comes a long. My spinal cord and brain is intact, my injury is different. The brain always sends signals in our body, even if it’s paralysed, the signal that goes through my damaged but not severed area is distorted and it comes back as the pain I described in the now locked thread.

A neurosurgeon who only had 3 years of experience operated on me and caused this which caused my paralysis… After I got transferred to a hospital, the best neurosurgeon in my country was shocked at what that other doctor had done to me. He was young and overconfident (the one who operated on me) and bit off more than he could chew because I had a very severe polytrauma from the impact.,as%20paralysis%20and%20sensory%20loss.

Damn that sucks.
Seriously, that’s pretty shitty.


But i doubt a cure for this will arrive until pigs fly

So i would heartily suggest just cutting the cord

Then you can buy a wheelchair with the little attachment that lets you do wheelies

That’s life, I made bad decisions which led to my fate, there are multiple people and circumstances at fault here (including me). But there are worse things out there…

Worse things

Aka the full wrath of my memes and trolling

No I will not cut it because feeling absolutely nothing is worse than feeling pain. I still have extremely numbed down other feelings and I don’t want to lose them, especially sex related stuff, it’s much better than nothing. I just deal and endure the pain.

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One of those, yes lol

Wait what

Sex related stuff??

What have you done with your life you poor man

Ya know prostitution might not be legal where you live

I’m a high profile producer…

Holy sus

You need help

CRUSADERS AND SITH UNITE!! @darthrevan @TheSenate @Eshtion

No choice but get mechanical implants and become a cyborg.
I’d do it.

Laser, turrets, the whole deal.

Wish it was as simple as it is for amputees :)

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There are trials like that, that are kind of promising but it’s far for being practically implemented and working for everyone, because the spinal cord and nervous system is so complicated especially when it comes to different type of injuries, so it’s harder to fix ones than the others etc…

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As this game has proven, pigs CAN actually fly 😁

This is pretty amazing

It is from a technological and biological perspective, but from a practical perspective this is still so far off and also “maybe”, it might work on humans, it might not, it might half work etc… We’re not rats after all, we’re much more complicated :)