The recent patches were good for the game...

That would be awesome. A bit awkward to implement though. Maybe the time it would take to hang someone should be about as long as a long claim?

According to arrow_calis it is. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but if it is true it seems pretty damn unfair!

I’ve heard that too, but that’s why I always destroy the crates I come accross. It’s especially fun when the FT are using them at the time…

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Entire game is basically unfair considering what fireteam is capable of doing as in laws of physics dont apply to them at all that much gun wise xD…

For pred laws of physics apply and it feels realistic and immersive but boring and stressful

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Yes it can, I do it all the time. I always pop a STIM before using an ammo crate for obvious reasons. It also works with grenades.

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I really think Illfonic need to tone this FT healing down. They already have 2 instant heals, team-mate revives as well as a full reinforcement which gives back your syrettes. It’s just too much to be able to restock them at an ammo crate. This is coming from somebody who plays FT more often than predator, by the way.

I can relate so much to this. It might not be perfect, but it’s so much better than it was.

A good predator is going to destroy those crates, same with med kits on the map. If he does not… FT can’t kill pigs and make them useless. Just saying.

My only gripe rn, is matchs are too short, so if you choose to go after ammo and medkits they are allready half way done with the mission, you cant plan and you cant setup effectively, I place traps where the ft can enter an exit an facility ,setup motion detectors when there in a camp, and when your setup usually its for nothing cause they have left already.

Right now meta encourages you to rush and constantly be damaging the ft, theres no careful planning just pressure pressure pressure, which works to some degree but you have to sweat to get kills and you have to sweat to win.

Which isn’t fun imo, no I dont think the ft is op its fair, before randos didn’t really have a chance now they do to an extent, I just think Predator needs some changes to ultility and weapons, they are so close with balance they just need to adjust Predator a bit and will be in decent spot.


I’ve seen a video recently of a premade FT vs predator. The predator cleared the map of most moedkits. Can’t remember who posted the video. Go there, trigger the alarms and if you played enough FT you should know where they usually spawn and blow them up.

It all depends on ft as well which is main problem if you have team focused on mission usually it wont work clearing the map, its a case by case situation.

You just need to figure out where they are doing the mission, trigger alarms and destroy them there. Most of them spawn in a certain place all the time.

True, I tend to let them use ammo and recourses for a bit before I engage, but there halfway done with the mission by then, but im going to try some different tactics later today idk im experimenting with builds until update drops.

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